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Although we call the whole plant hops, the hops are actually the cone-like flowers of this climbing vine.
Each variety pack contains one Hop Blast and 4 varieties of aroma hop pellets in reusable pouches.
This is significant because hip hop studies is dominated by male voices, and studies of hip hop in Africa are no different.
Soil conditions and microclimates contribute to different flavors aspects in the same variety, so that a Cascade hop grown in California will be different from a Cascade hop grown in Michigan.
Thus began his "beyond break dance" journey of choreographing narratives based on the hip hop movement vocabulary and his real life experiences.
Dropping Science: Critical Essays on Rap Music and Hip Hop Culture.
The hop oils, however, easily vaporize during the boil.
I think hip hop today is still fun, but it takes itself way too seriously, especially since it's been grossly commercialized.
In the United States, two of the largest hop growing regions are Washington state's Yakima Valley and Oregon's Willamette Valley.
Absent from this dance are moves that traditionally signify hip hop, like uprocking, freezes, and headspins, but the form is just as nuanced.
No less an authority on hip hop than Andrew Sullivan observed on Salon.
The energy-efficient knight can hop thousands of times on a 20-gram fuel tank, enabling it to wander for at least several kilometers before running out of gas.
Understand that word and how you use it, rap is business music, hip- hop is cultural music(4)