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hoover up something

1. Literally, to use a vacuum cleaner on something; to suck up something using a vacuum cleaner. An allusion to the Hoover brand of vacuums, though used generically. Also phrased as "hoover something up." Primarily heard in UK. We'd better hoover up the house before our guests arrive. I need to hoover this glass up or someone might get hurt!
2. To eat or drink something with great speed and voracity. Primarily heard in UK. I'm so hungry, I'm going to hoover up everything I can lay my hands on at the restaurant! I've never seen anyone hoover vegetables up the way you do.
3. To absorb or consume something with great enthusiasm, intensity, or eagerness. Primarily heard in UK. The teacher was brilliant at finding ways to encourage her students to hoover their studies up. My son hoovers any new technological gadget up.
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tv. to perform oral sex on the penis. (see also a hoovering.) She hoovered him twice and then left.


1. n. an abortion. (From the suction used, referring to the vacuum cleaner.) She said she thought a hoovering would make things right.
2. n. an act of sucking up to someone. (see also suck up to someone.) More of your hoovering! You are a sycophantic pain in the butt!
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J. Edgar (Hoover)

(ˈdʒe ˈɛdgɚ (ˈhuvɚ))
n. the police; federal officers. (Underworld.) Max got out of town when he heard that the J. Edgars were on his tail.
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From college-age people to the well-to-do, Hoover sees money troubles in all walks of life at the service's Valencia office on Smyth Drive.
Hoover High Co-Principal Pamela Good said the school has used grant money to offer after-school and weekend tutoring to help students increase their SAT scores.
An impressive visitors center was erected at Hoover Dam four years ago, complete with a new, roomy elevator that descends 50 stories through the canyon wall to the power plant.
Hoover graduated from West Virginia State College in 1969 with a B.
We went hard on every play and played with a lot of heart,'' said Hoover linebacker Aldo Marin.
Hoover fellow Robert Hall holds a joint position endowed by Robert and Carole McNeil as a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution and a professor in the economics department at Stanford University.
The teams played before a series-record crowd of 25,000 at the Rose Bowl in 1947, when Warren Hart-led Hoover won 14-6 during a 7-2 series run by the Tornadoes.
As a result of this exhibition, Polish authorities decided to reconstruct the monument that once stood in Warsaw honoring Herbert Hoover and the United States.
Switzer, who coached at Burroughs from 1973-84, had no runner come close to making a national breakthrough until coming to Hoover in 1985.
At a special presentation today when he announced the opening of the diaries for research, Hoover senior fellow Ramon Myers commented on the historical significance of the Chiang diaries and of the Central Reform Committee, which was established by Chiang in Taiwan.
Also Sunday, police continued to seek the 17-year-old student from Glendale's Allen Daily High School who they believe shot Demirchyan during a fight on School Street, which is located adjacent to the Hoover High campus, said Sgt.
The award was announced by Hoover Institution director John Raisian on September 8 during a meeting of the Koret Task Force on K-12 Education, of which Ravitch is also a member.
Crescenta Valley, which lost the league championship to Hoover a year ago, is primed for another run behind junior pitcher Melinda Moulden, senior shortstop Becca Baldridge and junior first baseman Erica Fernandez.
These quotes are drawn from the guest book of the "American Friendship: Herbert Hoover and Poland" exhibit that is now traveling throughout Poland.
Together with writer Mark Shaw, Hoover traces his early days as a World War II fighter pilot before he was shot down and held by the Germans as a prisoner of war for 16 months.