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1. n. a nose; a big nose. I sort of wish my hooter wasn’t so doggoned big.
2. n. a drink of liquor. He tossed back a big hooter of booze and stood there a minute.
3. n. cocaine. (Drugs. A drug taken through the hooter sense 1) Albert is known for his high-quality hooter.
4. Go to hooters.


mod. drunk. He’s to hootered to drive home.
See also: hooter


n. a woman’s breasts. (Jocular. Usually objectionable.) Look at the hooters on that dame!
See also: hooter
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Now the pits hooter blasts a merry sound, As New Year's night has come around.
Another resident defended the use of booster pumps and the hooter.
There were a few problems last year when the timekeepers were supposed to sound the hooter when a tackle was completed but occasionally made mistakes," said RFL match officials director Stuart Cummings.
It is the fact Wakefield were then able to find a different way at the end of the game to make the hooter more clearly heard by the match officials.
The witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, reportedly told the outlet he was about five feet away from the altercation inside Hooters last Monday around 8:15 p.
Hooters currently has locations in North Little Rock and Fort Smith.
If the original bid had been successful, Hooters would've opened a bar/restaurant at Unit B, City Quadrant.
Hooters spokesman Mark Whittle said: "While Hooters is always looking to spread our wings around the world, we have nothing to report regarding new locations in Liverpool.
Hooters argued they were a restaurant and not a bar, holding up their 'children eat free on Sundays' policy as proof of their appeal to families.
Chanticleer Holdings Inc (Nasdaq:HOTR), an owner and operator of multiple restaurant brands, announced on Tuesday the opening of its fourth Hooters restaurant in Australia at the Pink Poodle in Surfers Paradise.
Chanticleer said it will acquire all of the shares of Tacoma Wings, LLC and Hooters of Oregon Partners, LLC, owners and operators of the two locations in Portland, OR and Tacoma, WA.
New York, Oct 6 ( ANI ): The CEO of an American-baked goods chain had reportedly worked as a waitress for American restaurant chain Hooters, Inc.
com)-- Hooters in Ontario, CA is hosting a fundraiser for DrinkingAndDriving.