hooked on someone/something

hooked on (someone or something)

1. slang Addicted to a particular substance or activity. Please don't give the kids any soda—I don't want them hooked on caffeine at such a young age. I've smoked pot before, but I'm not hooked on it or anything. Yeah, I used to be hooked on gambling, but those days are long behind me.
2. slang Very interested in or infatuated with someone or something; constantly desiring more of or more time with someone or something. I never thought I'd like a show like "Game of Thrones," but I'm totally hooked on it now that I've seen the first season. Oh, Dave's definitely hooked on you—his eyes light up whenever you're around. I'm totally hooked on these cupcakes from the new bakery in town.
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hooked (on someone/something)

mod. preferring someone or something; enamored of someone or something. I’m really hooked on chocolate anything.
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