hooked on

hooked on something

1. Fig. addicted to a drug or something similar. Jenny is hooked on cocaine. She was not hooked on anything before that.
2. Fig. enthusiastic about something; supportive of something. Mary is hooked on football. She never misses a game. Jane is so happy! She's hooked on life.
See also: hooked, on
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After five days alone, Ralston amputated his arm with a pen knife in the hope he could run for help before losing too much blood 127 Hours: Showing at Cineworld & Showcase Theatre: Pan panto still going Hooked on Mr Essex British pop music icon David Essex heads the cast as Captain Hook in Peter Pan, which is Qdos Entertainment's 25th panto at the Civic Theatre in Darlington Peter Pan: Civic Theatre, Darlington, until Sun, Jan 16 at various times, check with venue.
Golden girl Anthea Turner and her dream team could have the nation hooked on a revamped National Lottery show, with star guests and big-money prizes.