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New students who hooked up endorsed significantly more permissive sexual attitudes (M = 2.
The higher-end micro-hooks are not doing well for the specialty store either, Hagopian said, but small hooked rugs are the exception and continue to perform well.
The freshest piece, hooked the day before, turned out to be soft and delicate, not as firm and flaky as one from an older, trawler-caught cod.
The hooked construction lends itself to highly detailed designs, said Edward Chu, president of Cresc Corp.
Using its beak, it forms a point at the hooked end of the twig.
At the New York Home Textiles Market, Nourison showed a new accent rug, made of acrylic and olefin, with tufted flowers on a hooked field.
Soon four or five anglers are hooked up to big tuna.
Plus, the greater intricacy of design that is possible in the micro-hook construction means that in some cases, hooked rugs are competing directly with machine-made rugs, both for floor space and consumers' dollars.
In order to continue fishing when they come close to catching their limit, they have to release a fish when it is hooked.
That, vendors say, is in turn attracting new customers who might not otherwise have considered a hooked rug as a purchase for their home.
The fish is hooked in the mouth so I can easily release shorts or undesirables and they all swim away.
Anglers will be able to keep only two fish, both longer than 24 inches, and cannot use sinkers or weights exceeding 4 pounds attached directly to the line unless the line is attached to a mechanical device that releases the weights automatically when a fish is hooked.