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Such a fish is the sturgeon, which goes rooting along like a pig, and indeed is often called "pig-fish." Pricked by the first hook it touches, the sturgeon gives a startled leap and comes into contact with half a dozen more hooks.
2 circle hook It's a lot of fun and whiting, croaker, pompano and redfish all love them.
JAMES HOOK It's a rarity for any player to have a full 80-minute run out in pre-season, especially at the age of 32, but Hook got that at a sodden Liberty.
The BBC is so consumed wS with guilt in having let Savile off the hook it's tried to write him out of the history books.
Still, nice hook It's an ab-by Christmas from Tom Daley..
Just slip it behind the siding and hook it on the top edge.
For those who have long been admirers and advocates of the creative, classy qualities of Hook it will be a sad day.