hook into

hook something into something

to connect something to something. I want to hook another communication line into the system. Is it possible to hook my computer into your network?
See also: hook
References in classic literature ?
Manuel nudged Dan, who darted to the after-tackle, and, leaning far overside, slipped the hook into the stern-rope as Manuel made her fast forward.
There is more to fishing soft-plastic swimbaits than putting a hook into one, casting it and then retrieving.
Be sure to insert the barb of the hook into the belly of the bait far enough back so that when you bring it through to the top, the bait hangs naturally without any kinks or humps.
Whatever happens, it will surely be a far cry from those fabled days of a century or so ago when Santa Catalina Island anglers would toss hand lines from the beach into Avalon Bay and hook into 20-plus-pound yellowtails just as quickly as they could cast.