hook in

hook in

To attract the attention of someone and make them want to purchase or experience something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hook" and "in." The film series hooks its viewers in with its gorgeous effects and design, but it also has an incredibly engaging and emotionally complex story that keeps you invested. A huge number of restaurants in this part of town try to hook in customers with cheap food and bright, gaudy lights.
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hook in(to something)

To connect or link to something. I bet those guys next door illegally hooked into our cable.
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hook in (to something)

to connect into something. We will hook into the water main tomorrow morning. We dug the pipes up and hooked in.
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References in classic literature ?
Then it threshes about wildly, until it receives hook after hook in its soft flesh; and the hooks, straining from many different angles, hold the luckless fish fast until it is drowned.
It was designed by Mary Hook in the early 1950s for her own use.
About half of all Hanoi burglaries in West Yorkshire are 'sneak-ins', where thieves have simply walked in through unlocked doors to snatch car keys which have usually been left in obvious places, such as on a table or on a hook in the kitchen.