hook, line and sinker

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hook, line, and sinker

Completely and unquestioningly. The moment I met my wife, I fell for her hook, line, and sinker. I told them that I like this stupid school, and they fell for it hook, line, and sinker—I guess I'm a pretty good actress.
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hook, line and ˈsinker

if you accept something hook, line and sinker, you accept it completely, either because you have been deceived or because you believe things too easily: Are you telling me that you swallowed his absurd lies hook, line and sinker?
All three words in this expression are items used for catching a fish.
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hook, line, and sinker

Completely, totally, all of it. The expression is often phrased as to swallow [something] hook, line, and sinker, alluding to the gullibility of a fish that takes in bait so completely that it swallows the fishing hook, line, and sinker as well. The term originated in the United States in the mid-nineteenth century. In the late 1980s Len Deighton used it in the titles of a series of three espionage novels involving complicated deceit, Spy Hook, Spy Line, and Spy Sinker. See also lock, stock, and barrel.
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The red-faced hitman fell hook, line and sinker for a rare dose of irony from his fellow players.
The Twilight star, 28, fell hook, line and sinker when his older sisters pretended that his middle-aged mum was up the duff.
It is one I share but only in that they continue to vote at all for parties which have sold us out to Europe hook, line and sinker.
For Anthony Morgan was caught hook, line and sinker without a licence.
It involved setting Lenny up to buy diamonds stolen in a jewellery shop heist - and the villain fell for it hook, line and sinker.
Ryan Thompson was coach of Team Hook, Line and Sinker, representing the Center of Hope in Southbridge.
They might be new to Camden but here in Wales their following is deservedly huge, and all their fans will be having a sneaky laugh at the BBC official website that seems to have fallen hook, line and sinker for their hilarious made-up origins in their rAsumA.
One local said of his lies: "He took everyone in hook, line and sinker.
ANGLERS were caught hook, line and sinker in a clampdown on illegal fishing.
MOST smokers know only too well how the nicotine in cigarettes has them addicted hook, line and sinker.
My husband and I support the plans and were hoping to have a sensible discussion at the meeting, but it turned into a very one-sided and inflamatory tirade against the council, and some very frightening "facts" were swallowed hook, line and sinker by most of the audience.
Ewan, 42, also confessed that he fell hook, line and sinker for Emily.