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hoodwink someone into something

Fig. to deceive someone into doing something. She will try to hoodwink you into driving her to the airport. Watch out. You can't hoodwink me into doing that!
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hoodwink someone out of something

Fig. to get something away from someone by deception. Are you trying to hoodwink me out of my money? Max tried to hoodwink the old lady out of all her money.
See also: hoodwink, of, out
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And therefore just hoodwinking the people of India, particularly the people of Gujarat on the eve of elections, is not going to work."
The furious five-some includes Campbell's own brothers Robin and Duncan - who have accused him of "hoodwinking" fans.
Labour said the Conservative and Lib-Dem administration was "hoodwinking people that the cuts would be painless".
Summary: ATHENS: Greece will press its claim to a shadow puppet theater that UNESCO has deemed to be part of Turkey's cultural heritage, the Foreign Ministry in Athens said on Wednesday.The puppet theater features Karagz ("black-eyed" in Turkish), a hunchbacked trickster who tries to make a living by hoodwinking Turkish officials and generally avoids all manner of honest work
He said that Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) and Muslim League-Nawaz are hoodwinking the masses in name of appointment of judges while actual problems confronted by the masses are being neglected.
My point is this, if something is harmful, no matter what the government thinks, then we should be told the truth and not have our government hoodwinking us all.
Mind you, he is not the first football club owner to cash in by hoodwinking the fans.
CONCERNS that Brazilian beef producers are hoodwinking international animal and food health regulators by using superficial controls, have prompted European Union (EU) import ban calls.
CONGRATULATIONS to alleged actress Liz Hurley for "hoodwinking" the paparazzi.
SIR - The Prime Minister's tearful valedictory performance at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, was another meaningless performance, hoodwinking once more, Labour Party members, the media and the country.