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hoodwink someone into something

Fig. to deceive someone into doing something. She will try to hoodwink you into driving her to the airport. Watch out. You can't hoodwink me into doing that!
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hoodwink someone out of something

Fig. to get something away from someone by deception. Are you trying to hoodwink me out of my money? Max tried to hoodwink the old lady out of all her money.
See also: hoodwink, of, out
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Peter Firman, star of TV's The Magicians, offers up a mix of magic and mirth in his show Hoodwinker at Solihull Arts Centre.
Q&A Pete Firman, star of BBC1's The Magicians, is coming to the Midlands with his Hoodwinker show, a blend of comedy and magic.
1995 An early success in the riding career of Richard Johnson who partners Derring Bridge, trained by his mother Sue, owned by his father Keith and bred by his grandfather Ivor, to get the better of Hoodwinker in the novice hurdle at Ludlow.
The ladies' open was won by Mrs Diana Williams's remarkable 14-year-old Hoodwinker, who finished a length-and-a-half ahead of De Che
40 but the one to beat here is Ludlow specialist HOODWINKER.
M IDDLESBROUGH'S own comedic conjuror is getting ready to bring his new show, Hoodwinker, to Teesside.
In the ladies' open, Fair Charmeur, De Chelly, Hoodwinker and Flockmaster catch the eye.