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hoodwink someone into something

Fig. to deceive someone into doing something. She will try to hoodwink you into driving her to the airport. Watch out. You can't hoodwink me into doing that!
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hoodwink someone out of something

Fig. to get something away from someone by deception. Are you trying to hoodwink me out of my money? Max tried to hoodwink the old lady out of all her money.
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BEIRUT: The Internal Security Forces shut down two fraudulent loan firms following numerous complaints from citizens who were hoodwinked by the companies.
Hoodwinked was fourth in his only race last year, but his second race in the opening round of the Kirby Memorial saw him fly around in a best-of-round 28.
Due to the way the Westminster parties have hoodwinked the people of Wales following the Silk Commission, they simply can't be trusted to deliver on anything they agree to.
However, spending PSbillions on wind power that has only resulted in us burning even more fossil fuel, simply to line the pockets of the wind industry is a con trick, now so obvious, that politicians are so frightened of losing face if they dare admit they have been hoodwinked, that they are hoping to leave office well before this scam is revealed to the public.
I am sure the councillors will say they had no knowledge of the intended changes to the planning application and therefore the councillors will then admit like our MP that they have been hoodwinked.
He said that the government had hoodwinked the masses by claiming that they have presented a balanced budget.
Bangalore, Dec 12 (ANI): Supporting veteran social activist Anna Hazare, senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Anant Kumar has said the ruling Congress party has hoodwinked the nation by trying to legislate a weak Lokpal Bill.
In 2005 the animated film Hoodwinked was met with harsh reviews from critics and the 2011 sequel looks set to take a similar panning when it's released on Friday.
Firstly, Mandelson - with form in fudging numbers - claims that most of the top business leaders in the UK have been hoodwinked by the Tories over National Insurance.
Kathmandu, May 7 -- Responding to the controversial video footage where Maoist Chairman Prachanda says he had hoodwinked UNMIN officials about the actual number of PLA combatants, UNMIN Spokesman Kosmos Biswokarma said on Wednesday that the number of Maoist combatants was verified following due process with the involvement of Joint Monitoring Coordination Committee (JMCC).
WELL, now that 2008 is history, what did North Wales get out of the 2008 European Capital of Culture after being hoodwinked into supporting Liverpool's bid, other than that ridiculous half horse half banana that was perched near the summit of Moel Famaau for a few weeks for some reason?
Byline: A man who hoodwinked scores of investors will spend one year behind bars followed by deportation, a court has ruled.
THE BIG CON: THE TRUE STORY OF HOW WASHINGTON GOT HOODWINKED AND HIJACKED BY CRACKPOT ECONOMICS is a 'must' for any collection strong in American politics or issues: it shows how over the past 3 decades a fringe group of economic extremists obsessed with radical ideas to foster their own business interests have used the political system and the media to gain popular and even expert support for once unthinkable policies.
In the funny and clever animated film Hoodwinked (U), Red (Anne Hathaway) is a sassy girl who knows kung fu, Granny (Glenn Close) is a whizz at snowboarding and the Wolf (Patrick Warburton) is an investigative reporter.
First up is computer animated comedy Hoodwinked (U), which arrives on DVD packed with fun for all ages.