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hoodwink someone into something

Fig. to deceive someone into doing something. She will try to hoodwink you into driving her to the airport. Watch out. You can't hoodwink me into doing that!
See also: hoodwink

hoodwink someone out of something

Fig. to get something away from someone by deception. Are you trying to hoodwink me out of my money? Max tried to hoodwink the old lady out of all her money.
See also: hoodwink, of, out
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On the show, which pulled in 352,000 viewers last week, Doherty also attempts to hoodwink snooker ace Alex Higgins.
ISLAMABAD -- The All Parties Hurriyet Conference has termed as misleading the statement of Indian Minister of State for Home Affairs, R P N Singh, that the Government of India is talking to the Hurriyet leadership, saying the assertion has been made to hoodwink the public opinion.
You may hoodwink the people but you would never be able to hoodwink the ultimate court of justice.
Talking to reporters here on Monday, CPI General Secretary B Bardhan accused the government of hoodwink people in the name of austerity drive.
For his latest role, he at least gets to appear human on screen although his character in Sugarhouse, Hoodwink, is every bit as monstrous.
Clearly, by combining extended term limits with the ``ethics'' issue, the council is attempting to hoodwink the public and protect its own selfish interests.
Too often horrific crimes are the actions of violent men and evil sex perverts, who seem to continually hoodwink parole boards and soft judges into letting them out of prison too soon.
It is outrageous that Shell, Texaco and McDonald's - which allows antennae to be fixed on restaurant walls - have conspired with the mobile phone companies to hide these masts and, in effect, hoodwink the public they say they care for so much.
But the chameleon-like British star is the first to admit that his latest movie, Sugarhouse, provided him with his scariest and most disturbing character yet - a fearsome, inner-city crime overlord by the name of Hoodwink.
Timothy Raggat QC, prosecuting, said Butler had shown he was 'only too keen to hoodwink people' as to his condition and Dr James Collins, consultant psychiatrist at Ashworth hospital agreed.
If Plaid Cymru members really must make accusations against other parties, they could at least check the facts before deliberately trying to hoodwink Daily Post readers.
He said that the so-called protectors of Pakhtuns interests embezzled the public welfare funds by launching flawed development projects to hoodwink the innocent people.
Anyway, without spoiling it too much, crafty writers Veena Sud and Nic Pizzolatto manage to pull off a magnificent (yet slightly frustrating) hoodwink on their resolution-hungry audience in the final act - with the cliffhanger ending virtually guaranteeing large ratings for the premiere of s1 eason two.
A TRICKSTER failed to hoodwink staff at council offices in War- wick - but still escaped with a credit card.
The Labour MP said: "Parents and children who have put a huge amount of effort into our campaign to save Castle Hall will be rightly horrified at this disgraceful stunt to hoodwink them at the eleventh hour.