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around Robin Hood's barn

On a long, indirect route. A: "What took you guys so long to get here?" B: "Well, rather than just going through town, our esteemed driver took us all around Robin Hood's barn instead!"
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go around Robin Hood's barn

To take a long, indirect route. A: "What took you guys so long to get here?" B: "Well, rather than just going through town, our esteemed driver went around Robin Hood's barn instead!"
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look under the hood

1. To examine, service, or repair a car's engine. (A hood is the hinged metal lid that covers the engine of a car.) You should let my uncle look under the hood—he knows more about cars than anyone I know! My car was making funny noises on the highway, so I've got a mechanic looking under the hood at the moment.
2. To examine the internal workings of some computer software, system, or machine. The program is very smooth and intuitive for the end user, but it's actually incredibly complex if you look under the hood. A: "My computer has been really slow ever since its latest update." B: "Let me look under the hood—you might need to install some more RAM."
3. To investigate the internal workings of some group, organization, or network of people. Once I started looking under the hood of the administration, I began to notice a pattern of corruption that was impossible to deny or ignore. While technically a charity, if you look under the hood you'll see an intricate web of shell companies designed to net the CEOs an exorbitant profit.
4. To examine or investigate one's brain or mind. There is absolutely no shame in going to a counselor or therapist every now and then to look under the hood. They want to run an fMRI to look under the hood and be sure there isn't some underlying damage to the frontal cortex.
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all around Robin Hood's barn

going somewhere by an indirect route; going way out of the way [to get somewhere]; by a long and circuitous route. We had to go all around Robin Hood's barn to get to the little town.
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look under the hood

to examine the engine of a car; to check the oil, water, and other such routine items associated with the engine of a car. I finished putting gas in. I need to look under the hood. Do you want me to look under the hood, sir?
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round Robin Hood's barn

by a circuitous route.
Robin Hood is the semi-legendary English medieval outlaw reputed to have robbed the rich and helped the poor. In this expression, Robin Hood's barn represents an out-of-the-way place of a kind that might be used by an outlaw or fugitive such as Robin Hood. Recorded from the mid 19th century, the phrase seems to have originated in the dialect speech of the English Midlands, the area in which Robin Hood is said to have operated.
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1. n. a hoodlum. A couple of hoods hassled us on the street.
2. n. the neighborhood; the ghetto; any neighborhood. Back in the hood, Bob’s considered an important guy.

hood rat

n. someone who hangs around the [black] neighborhood. Sam’s just a wimpy hood rat. He never sees any action.
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