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hooched (up)

Sl. intoxicated. Sally is too hooched to drive. She got herself hooched up and couldn't give her talk.
See also: hooch


and hootch (hutʃ)
n. hard liquor; any alcoholic beverage, especially if illicitly obtained. Let’s go guzzle some hooch.

hooch hound

and hooch head
n. a drunkard. Jed is a classic hooch hound. He lives for the stuff. Hooch heads unite! You have nothing to lose but your brains!
See also: hooch, hound

hooch head

See also: head, hooch

hooched (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. She got herself hooched up and couldn’t give her talk.
See also: hooch, up


See also: hooch
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However, junior doctors attending to the victims said hooch was the cause of the deaths.
Eventually, Hooch realises he has to stand up and be counted, because he's hated what he's been doing for the past 20 years.
From day one, Hooper's Hooch hit the headlines--but often for all the wrong masons.
In the past few years Hooch has taken a battering as more new products have flooded the market, and as a result it has lost out in favour of bottled drinks by Archers, Bacardi, Baileys and WKD.
Hooch, a labrador cross, is young and lively, hardly looking his eight years at all.
In one ad, a Hooch drinker goes to a toilet, where the "sharp" drink causes him to split the urinal in two.
The haul of hooch, made from fruit, bread, sugar and water, included 371 pints found before Christmas.
The authorities have formed seven teams to locate rest of the victims, who had consumed hooch on Tuesday, and bring them to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.
Jeff - a dog-lover despite the traditional bad blood between postmen and pooches - didn't hesitate when he saw 13-year-old Hooch plunge into the River Eden in Cupar, Fife.
After last month's hooch tragedy in Gujarat, you would have expected the authorities to have learnt their lessons and cracked down on bootleggers.
BAD GIRLS are getting pie-eyed on home-made hooch at a notorious women's prison.
Mrs Graham has called for the dog, a one-the year-old bull mastiff called Hooch, to be destroyed.
SPLINTER Design has completed new websites for popular street fashion labels Bench and Hooch.
Launched in 1995 as Hooper's Hooch, it was the first RTD brand to hit the UK but has failed to maintain its presence in a shrinking market.
Last year, the largest quantity of hooch was seized at the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise, Co Laois, where a total of 321 litres was confiscated from prisoners.