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hooched (up)

Sl. intoxicated. Sally is too hooched to drive. She got herself hooched up and couldn't give her talk.
See also: hooch


and hootch (hutʃ)
n. hard liquor; any alcoholic beverage, especially if illicitly obtained. Let’s go guzzle some hooch.

hooch hound

and hooch head
n. a drunkard. Jed is a classic hooch hound. He lives for the stuff. Hooch heads unite! You have nothing to lose but your brains!
See also: hooch, hound

hooch head

See also: head, hooch

hooched (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. She got herself hooched up and couldn’t give her talk.
See also: hooch, up


See also: hooch
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226 pints of hooch were seized at Castlerea Prison last year
PDSA head nurse Miriam Wilson said: "We had to open up Hooch's intestine to remove a large piece of corn husk and some smaller pieces that had broken off.
"The snake must have been next to a path and Hooch had put his nose into the foliage at the side of the path.
He said "The other dog took one look at Hooch and just went for him," said Terrence.
The inmate in whose cell the hooch was found was given 21 days' loss of privileges by the governor, including seven days without TV.
The emergence of "super hooch" is being blamed on the SEIZURE: Brixton success of prison staff in dealing with drug smuggling and dealing.
"We got Hopper when he was eightweeks-old and my husband John introduced him to Hooch. Hopper thinks Hooch is his Daddy.
"We raised concerns whether prisoners would be able to adulterate it and add fruit and water and sugar to make it into what is known in prison parlance as 'hooch'," he said.
Coronation Street (7.30pm) Steve and Becky's second wedding day goes like a dream - until they return to the Rovers and receive a nasty surprise courtesy of Slug and DC Hooch. Michelle moves her things out of No 7, but gives Maria and Tony's relationship her blessing.
I was on such a buzz I got out the prison hooch and got ***ing ***ed.
In prison Ben meets Pete's character Hooch, a one-time violent criminal who now mentors his fellow inmates.
Pieter de Hooch; A woman preparing bread and butter for a boy.
Somehow we pinpointed the hooch where this VC or NVA was living, and for about four days my element, which was led by Trout, set tip ambushes in the vicinity of that hooch, and several times we, including myself, went to this hooch and asked his wife where he was, but she never cooperated with us.
One of the best-known artists for genre painting was Dutch artist Pieter de Hooch (1629-84).
Lavender-scented linens, Delft tiles, tended gardens, well-swept doorsteps featured in the work of Pieter de Hooch and others.