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The athlete's lips curled disdainfully, and without honouring his adversary with a formal denial, he exhibited, as if by accident, that peculiarly Russian object--an enormous fist, clenched, muscular, and covered with red hairs
My dear John,' replied Dot, turning very red, 'don't talk about honouring ME.
But her (Auge) he received and brought up well, and cherished in the palace, honouring her even as his own daughters.
replied the man, holding the door in his hand, and honouring the inquirer with a stare and a broad grin, 'Lord, no.
Then in this, I said, Homer shall be our teacher; and we too, at sacrifices and on the like occasions, will honour the brave according to the measure of their valour, whether men or women, with hymns and those other distinctions which we were mentioning; also with seats of precedence, and meats and full cups; and in honouring them, we shall be at the same time training them.
Oh, who could find the right prenomen and honouring name for such longing