honour bound

(in) honor bound (to do something)

Having an obligation (to do something) because it is morally correct or required by one's sense of duty or integrity. It pains me to turn you in to the police, my friend, but I am honor bound—I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I ignored a crime. I knew it would cost me my job, but I felt in honor bound to tell them that the data breach was my fault.
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(in) honour bound

obliged by your sense of honour.
See also: bound, honour
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References in classic literature ?
"We must assume, Monsieur President, that Monsieur Robert Darzac's absences are closely connected with Mademoiselle Stangerson's secret, and that Monsieur Darzac feels himself in honour bound to remain silent.
'You understand; I name this,' pursued Mr Boffin, 'to show you, now the affairs are wound up, that me and Mrs Boffin have ever stood as we were in Christian honour bound, the children's friend.
'Of course I know that this has been in both our minds, Rosa, and of course I am in honour bound to confess freely that it does not originate with you.'
My instructors made clear that if I believed I could not do that, I would be honour bound to resign.
"In terms of Wales, the situation was that they wanted to see what the evaluation report was like, what the outcome of that was, and they felt duty bound, honour bound to support Gareth Davies who was on the board of RWC and part of the evaluation process.
HONOUR BOUND: Dad Corvo or daughter Emily can take down the enemy
When one of those people expresses their concerns to me I feel honour bound to pursue them vigorously.
Runner-up to Drumcove Lad in the Festival Flyer at Sunderland, he has been hit-and-miss at the start in his short British Honour bound to go close in Sovereign Stakes heat Today's bets Shreyas Trojan Coventry 7.39 1pt 9-4 bet365, Ladbrokes Wells Honour Coventry 8.10 1pt 8-11 Coral Ballymac Best Coventry 8.42 1pt 4-5 bet365, Ladbrokes Andlyns Asabat Coventry 9.15 1pt evens Betfred career to date but there is no doubting his pace when he does emerge from the boxes.
Sollecito has also written a book about the murder trial, titled Honour Bound, My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox.
"They felt duty bound and honour bound to keep dates."
However I can but speak for myself and feel honour bound to compliment Mr Sinha in relation to the treatment he afforded me when I benefited enormously from his expertise and attention.
Oh no, they outgrew the club, and the chairman was honour bound to let them go and achieve their ambitions elsewhere.
Casting my mind back to that fateful night I can still feel the lurching stomach of anticipation, the fixed grin of the terminally tongue tied, and the soggy shirt of a man caught in a sudden downpour and honour bound to lend the lady his coat.
Only time will tell if this position changes or indeed whether the committee, embarrassed at the lack of "united" support it has towards its London Olympics, will feel honour bound to throw a few scraps to Wales
And with the stakes continually getting higher, the team were honour bound to come up with some spectacular near-death experiences for this hour-and-ahalf of sheer violence and hilarity.