honour among thieves

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there is honor among thieves

Even criminals adhere to a code of conduct or certain principles, especially not to inform against one another. Often used in the negative. In the collective of pickpockets, no one dared steal from another. There is some honor among thieves. Given the chance, most criminals facing extensive jail time are more than willing to give up their associates for a more lenient sentence, disposing of the ridiculous notion that there is honor among thieves.
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(there is) honour among ˈthieves

(saying) used to say that even criminals have standards of behaviour that they respect
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There's no honour among thieves and only a modicum between this filmmaker and his audience.
Adding that there is little honour among thieves, he says, "Whether paying the ransom had the effect of deleting the data as expected, only time will tell.
There is supposed to be honour among thieves but doing this before Remembrance Sunday is a bit much.
Footage captured in the city centre on the previous night, on August 8, also proved there is no honour among thieves.
But just as there's no honour among thieves, it has no place in the world of geopolitical rivalry.
At Grampian jail in Peterhead, one of the top 10 best sellers was the appropriately named Honour Among Thieves by Jeffrey Archer - the former jailbird and top Tor y.
1986 TUESDAY, AUGUST 19 Billy keeps promise to hero Chick, police look to honour among thieves, tiny terror Kirk causes sparks to fly, and much more made the news 28 years ago this week Connolly keeps his promise BILLY Connolly fulfilled a promise at the weekend and brought some showbiz razzmatazz to a Cardiff wedding.
There is no honour among thieves, so it is no surprise that the once well-organised Dundon empire imploded when key members turned on each other and sealed them a jail sentence.
Honour among thieves Callahan said the underground economy is characterised by specialisation and 'resilience', so that if one market participant leaves, another steps up.
For decades there had been honour among thieves, ensuring the pillaging of the state and its organisations was an easy, zero-risk exercise that went largely unnoticed.
The common denominator gleaned from this dissection of betrayal and greed at all levels is that there truly is no honour among thieves.
There was, even in the cut- throat competition of New York's underworld, honour among thieves.
With Amsterdam running full tilt, Carver and Truck discover there really is no honour among thieves.