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Developed to honor service to a PIMA Division by a PIMA member
This study was designed to provide a global answer to the following question: What are honors programs doing on American community college campuses?
or Apart From: A Reflection from South Africa." In one component of the Democracy Project, "a comprehensive international examination of democracy organized by the SOU Honors College," a group of students, faculty, and community partners traveled to South Africa.
* The creation and marketing of an effective honors program or college--the basis of our discussion here.
Is the increase in AP and dual enrollment credit a crisis for honors? What are the best ways for the NCHC and for individual honors programs and colleges to react to the increases in AP and dual enrollment credits?
The next essay gives another account of collaboration between honors faculty and nonacademic professionals and also between freshman honors students and senior-level non-honors majors.
Dean of Undergraduate Education Susan Pedersen estimates that five times the students will graduate without honors, once the change takes effect--and, ultimately, that may be a good thing.
For the program's first decade or two, this curricular approach worked well in both providing a easible way for students to complete the required twenty-four honors credits and creating a cohesive honors experience in the arts and sciences.
Awards, honors: National AP Scholar Award, High Honor roll, State of Illinois Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish, National Honor Society, Illinois State Scholar, student government
The same paradox exists in the scholarship on gifted and honors education.
Assessing and Evaluating Honors Programs and Honors Colleges: A Practical Handbook by Rosalie Otero and Robert Spurrier (2005, 98pp).
Grade 9: Aisha Langley, high honors; and Zachary Murnane, honors;
Lone Star College System (Texas) Honors student Janet Flores won a Dennis Boe Award for her honors project, "Surveying Mueschke Cemetery: A Community Preservation Project Led by Applied Geomatics." The Great Plains Honors Council sponsors the annual award to highlight and recognize outstanding scholarly work by the honors program/college students of its member institutions.