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Oregon State sophomore outside hitter Mary-Kate Marshall also earned an honorable mention nod, and libero Kayla Ellis was named all-freshman honorable mention.
Olive Garden, various locations; honorable mention, Il Camino, Leominster.
Samantha Hechler--scholarship recipient; Jessica Jennings, honorable mention
An honorable mention went to the Town of Addis for its sanitary system expansion and improvements project.
Group IV -- Cleveland; Honorable Mention -- San Diego
Not surprisingly, that's where you'll find some of the best-tasting Best Bites and Honorable Mentions.
Honorable Mention (tie): The Health Care Services Acquisition Record, Irving Levin Associates; and The Medical Technology Acquisition Record, Irving Levin Associates, Eleanor Meredith, publisher of both services.
Other winners of the senior division include the following: Sandro Russo, 28, Italy, third prize; and Yevgeniy Milyavskiy, 19, United States; Ruzha Semova, 27, Bulgaria; and Huihsin Tseng, 30, Taiwan, each earning honorable mentions, respectively.
The Honorable Mention awards recognize the value of humour in a church magazine and demonstrate that the Record does, too.
The September, 2001, special section on General Synod published by the Anglican Journal, received an honorable mention, as did coverage on the Web site, www.
Student artists receiving honorable mention and awards of encouragement were sent gift subscriptions and merchandise.
Facilities listed in the women only and honorable mention categories are each described in one paragraph, emphasizing the author's impressions and opinions.
Honorable Mention, Construction Experience High Volume Builders - Houston Division
Honorable Mention - Baker Butcher and Raw Love (tie)