honor for

honor (someone) for (something)

To praise or celebrate someone for a particular act or thing. Tonight, the school is honoring Eric for his accomplishments as a scholar-athlete. The fireman is being honored for his brave rescue of all those people in the apartment fire.
See also: honor

honor someone for something

to praise someone for doing something. The committee agreed to honor Laurel for her role in the benefit dance. I want to honor you for your efforts on behalf of our cause.
See also: honor
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Honor For Us: A Philosophical Analysis, Interpretation, and Defense.
In Honor For Us William Sessions argues correctly that honor is not only not obsolete but is still deeply embedded in our culture, even if we do not call it by its rightful name.
This is the concept of honor for radical members of the Islamic world, and it yields a huge advantage to them, at least in the short run.
Or, in Mark Breitenberg's words, "women are a transacted property, or their chastity is a badge of honor for their husbands, validated only when other men desire to steal it" (71).
The complexity of Hamlet's situation imposes upon him the need to find an adequate system of honor with which to resolve his dilemma; Hamlet's attempt to carve out a place of honor for himself leads to a crisis of conscience.