honor check

honor (someone's) check

To give one money in exchange for a check from someone; to cash a check from someone. The bank said they couldn't honor your check because you didn't have enough funds in your account.
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honor someone's check

to accept someone's personal check in payment of an obligation. The clerk at the store wouldn't honor my check. I had to pay cash. The bank didn't honor your check when I tried to deposit it. Please give me cash.
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First, the Fed announced that it would continue to honor check deposits based on previously published schedules even though the normal flow of returned items in many cases was interrupted because of air travel limitations.
(454) If indeed the corporate form is legitimate, the restraining notice has no effect, and the bank may honor checks on the account.
(470) A bank that, for example, refuses to honor checks is not guilty of wrongful dishonor because it is compelled to dishonor the check by a valid court order.
4 Kyodo Taiwan's Finance Ministry appointed a bank consortium Wednesday to take over temporarily the management of a troubled finance corporation unable to honor checks worth 700 million New Taiwan dollars (about 21.5 million U.S.
A number of enterprises have failed to honor checks in the past months as they face a liquidity crunch.
In an attempt to minimize disruption and to ensure that the theft had stopped, we instructed the bank to honor checks from the old account only if they appeared on a list approved by us.