honor as

honor someone as something

to praise someone as something; to praise someone for being something. Aren't you going to honor Kevin as a hero? We will honor Henry as the most promising scholar of the year.
See also: honor
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One's word remained inherent in the code of honor precisely because honor as a political and moral consideration required, even more than before, a public statement of inte nt.
Moreover, James points out that honor is a public commitment through the "freely given word," and that the significance of a given honorable situation arises "out of the nature of honor as a public code, the public status distinguishing it from a private morality.
Hamlet, burdened with the revenge of his father's murder, attempts to use the violent, medieval code of honor as he begins to make public oaths.
Finally, Claudius overtly appeals to Laertes' sense of chivalric honor as the king manipulates Laertes into killing Hamlet.