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Huawei, or Honor, as a matter of fact, are no stranger to a high reputation.
Christian Andre Digas of the Higher School ng UMak (HSU) has been named as the lone graduate conferred with the highest honors among honor graduates from Makati public schools in the past school year.
At this time there is no word on whether the Honor 8 Pro will be available in the U.
Grade 10: Sarah Barakian, high honors, Emily Conway, honors; Grace Cormier, honors; Matthew Erickson, honors; Anna O'Connell, highest honors; and Ryan Steeves, honors.
Dany and Stephanie Berghoff in honor of Barbara Libove
American College of Endocrinology-In Honor of Denise Buonocore, Broward County Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Debbie Brinker, Clarian Health Partners-In Honor of Mary Fran Tracy and Kathy McCauley, Greater Memphis Area Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Joy Speciale and Debbie Brinker, Greater Milwaukee Area Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Mary Fran Tracy, Greater Rochester Finger Lakes Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Denise Buonocore, Greater Washington Area Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Mary Fran Tracy, Maine Medical Center-In Honor of Kathy McCauley, Northwest Chicago Area Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Debbie Brinker, Northwest Washington Evergreen Chapter-AACN-In Honor of Kathleen M.
It's appropriate that one of the first Aerospace Walk of Honor inductees should be there to accept the medal for our first female honoree.
What role did honor and chivalry play in the actions of those involved in judicial matters?
Magen & Company, at the podium for the Irish American Building Society's 7th Annual Awards for Honor, being held at the Grand Hyatt on June 23.
If there is a Commanding General Emeritus at MTMC, it is Honor.
The Executive of the Year award is the highest honor bestowed by PIMA, traditionally presented to senior-level executives in the pulp, paper, or converting industries for excellence in management and outstanding contributions to the industry as a whole.
The early Tudor North is often regarded as a lawless and disordered society where leading magnates depended upon violence and codes of honor to maintain order.
For centuries, the result of that harsh, unforgiving code has been death--the killings of girls and women by relatives in order to cleanse honor that has been soiled.
Kids, congressmen, and military brass plant a growing memorial to Medal of Honor recipients at Arlington National Cemetery.