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1. verb, slang To vomit. Geez, I thought I was going to honk out on that boat—I felt so seasick!
2. verb, slang To have a foul smell. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. That trash is honking, man—better take it out now.
3. verb, slang To consume excessive amounts of alcohol. Please don't honk if you end up going to the bar tonight—I can't deal with you being hungover all weekend.
4. noun, slang A foul smell. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. The honk on trash day in the summertime is just unbearable.


slang Very large. Geez, I just wanted a taste! What am I supposed to do with such a honkin' piece of cake?
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mod. huge. She showed up with this great, honking jock who keep eating with his hands!
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slka drivers honking non-stop at Horton Place junction tired of waiting for VIP to pass.
According to him, other people driving badly drive him to a point where he loses patience and starts honking.
He noted that honking was a common method to 'shame' violators who flout traffic laws in other countries, but those who did could face backlash due to road rage.
3 ( ANI ): In a bid to curb incessant honking, an NGO named 'Awaaz Foundation' has kick-started a unique campaign called 'HornVrat' in cooperation with state's transport department, Rickshawmen's Union and Mumbai Police.
Instead of jolting forward or honking -- as some human drivers would be tempted to do -- the car allowed him to go.
Instead of jolting forward or honking - as some human drivers would be tempted to do - the car allowed me to go.
So much so that by the time they're nearly overhead, it's a honking cacophony I defy anyone to sleep through.
The reason being that stream-snipers are now resorting to just honking incessantly at streamers after locating them in-game.
JULY 15, 1985: Hundreds of honking, hooting Minis delighted crowds by turning the centre of Coventry into a traffic warden's nightmare.
Paula Nuguid was cycling with her 9-year-old daughter when an unidentified driver began honking at them while they were about to make a left turn on Friday, June 30.
Honking, including fog horns by vehicles to loud speakers, brick chip manufacturing machines, concrete mixers, iron or aluminium door, and tiles cutters, industrial motors and all sorts of machines for constructions during day and night are
"A manager will say whenever he goes through the warehouse he hears lift truck horns honking, but if someone without a tie walks through, are there still as many horns?" Gaskell asks.
"Warren the Honking Cat Saves the Day" is a charming story about a little Siamese kitten who did not look or sound like his brothers and sisters.
These night owls never come out of the car, but keep honking not for life-saving medicines but for cigarettes and some other small petty things.
Willie Collum has not one but TWO honking, impetuous, look-atmeeee wrong red card decisions overturned on the same day.