honk at

honk at someone or something

to sound a horn at someone or something. Is someone honking at me? The motorists honked at the sheep that were clogging the roadway.
See also: honk
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This white guy thought it would be okay to honk at me and repeatedly call me a bitch as I was making a legal left turn.
Honking as an alert, I am supremely annoyed by the fact that I can almost never ride my bicycle without having people honk at me
He predicts who is most likely to be in an accident, honk at another driver, and to be honked at by another driver; what types of cars are most likely to be involved in accidents; and when and where accidents will likely happen and whether the drivers are likely to suffer injuries.
Some drivers seem to invite others to honk at them: the slogan "Horn Please" is painted on the back of many Indian trucks.
Thank you for your encouraging "honks" to keep me going, just like a flock of geese that honk at the flock to reach their destination.