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hone for (someone or something)

To yearn for someone or something. She honed for her boyfriend the whole week he was gone. In this heat, I find myself honing for some ice cream.
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hone in

1. To focus or concentrate on something. It's such a complex problem that it's hard to hone in on just one part of it.
2. To make progress toward some goal or end. I think the detective is honing in on us, Jimmy. We better turn ourselves in!
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hone in on (something)

To focus or concentrate on something. A common misspelling of "home in on (something)." Their new heat-seeking missiles can hone in on targets from over 3,000 miles away. Scientists said they are honing in on a cure to the terrible disease. There was so much wonderful stuff in that movie, so I don't know why you're honing in on one single problematic scene.
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hone for someone or something

Rur. to long for someone or something. Tom: What's wrong with Jane? Mary: She's honing for her sweetheart. Jimmy was honing for the red bicycle in the toy store window.
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hone in

1. To advance toward some target, goal, or desired state: The police are honing in on the location of the gang. We don't have the answer yet, but by working together we're definitely honing in.
2. To direct one's attention; focus: The lawyer honed in on the discrepancies in my testimony.
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The article, entitled "Optimization of Planar Honing Process for Surface Finish of Machine Tool Sliding Guideways" was authored by Kory Chang and Masakazu Soshi of the Advanced Research for Manufacturing Systems (ARMS) Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of California, Davis.
Honing steels are available in several sizes, and I recommend buying a sturdy, somewhat heavy steel that's as long as, or longer than, your longest knife blade.
Sunnen also developed a new Long-Bore Tool (LBT) designed to take on industry's most difficult honing challenges in small bores of .17 caliber rifle barrels.
Keep honing until you can feel a slight ridge of metal start to form all the way across the chisel's back.
Texas Honing was set up in 1976 and is headquartered in Pearland, Texas.
Located in Ashland, Ohio, Ohio Tool Works is a leading manufacturer of custom honing equipment and coolant systems.
Honing is a subtractive type manufacturing process in which material is removed by the cutting action of bonded abrasive grains and is used to improve the form, dimensional precision and surface quality of a workpiece under constant surface contact with the tool.
Conventional gear finishing processes such as gear grinding, gear shaving, gear honing, gear lapping are costly, have low productivity, and gear material hardness limitation.
Besides, the solution is suitable for use with conventional vitrified honing abrasives and metal-bond superabrasives.
Makers of outdoor power equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, hydraulics, pneumatics, gears, and valves, to name just a few, are discovering automated honing in their search for ways to make parts with tolerances as tight as [+ or -] 0.0002" ([+ or -] 5 [micro]m) at high Cpk levels.
For bore-type gears, the company found automated honing gave customers tighter control of bore size, roundness, straightness, and finish.
"In sports, you work so hard in the off-season honing your skills and practicing just so that you can realize success in the regular season.
The training needed to prepare new Naval Aviators for the air combat environment, as well as honing the skills of strike fighter pilots in Navy carrier air wings, is handled largely by a cadre of pilots in two Naval Reserve squadrons.
Attorney and at the helm of the biggest city in America, making tough decisions and honing his managerial skills on a daily basis, helped make his impressive leadership in a time of crisis possible.
When I first heard of honing the interior surface of a 1911 mainsprin housing, my reaction was, "Who cares?"