honeymoon period

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honeymoon period

The short amount of time at the beginning of a new relationship, activity, or pursuit when everything goes well and seems to be free of problems. Donna was excited when she started her new job, but once the honeymoon period was over, she realized that she had more responsibilities than she could handle. Many couples find it difficult to maintain a relationship after the honeymoon period ends.
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a/the ˈhoneymoon period

a period of time at the beginning of something, for example a relationship, a job, a period in government, etc., when everybody is pleased with you and there appear to be no problems: The honeymoon period is over now for the new President.
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honeymoon (period)

and honeymoon stage
n. an early stage in any activity, before problems set in. You’ll know the honeymoon period is over when everything seems to go wrong at once. Of course, this is still the honeymoon stage, but everything seems to be going all right.
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However, while she argued that the stress could be getting to the pair and causing their honeymoon period to come to an end, it is likely that Prince Harry will take action to protect his wife in the way he was unable to protect his mother.
Trump had little or no honeymoon period to speak of -- beginning his presidency with a job approval rating below 50%.
At this time of the tenure of a president, surveys would have shown a huge dip in his ratings from high levels that are commonly seen during his first year in office, or the so-called honeymoon period, according to Adrian Tamayo of the Institute of Popular Opinion, the research arm of the University of Mindanao.
'The change in the President's satisfaction rating, from 78 percent in June to 67 percent in September, and trust rating, from 82 percent in June to 73 percent in September, is expected given the fact that people start measuring their expectations usually after the honeymoon period, or after a year in office,' Abella said during a briefing in Malacanang.
New York [U.S.], June 30 ( ANI ) President Donald Trump's honeymoon period with Chinese President Xi Jinping has ended abruptly as U.S.
"It is not at all unusual for new Prime Ministers, or leaders of major parties to enjoy something of a honeymoon period. In our September Welsh Political Barometer Poll last year, the recent leadership victory of Jeremy Corbyn appeared to give his party an immediate boost in the polls.
Stephen Moorhouse AIGBURTH JURGEN KLOPP'S honeymoon period as Reds boss would appear to be well and truly over.
ALL STAR MR & MRS (ITV, Wednesday, 8pm) THE honeymoon period might be over for another three celebrity couples as Phillip Schofield, below, returns to test their knowledge of each other's likes, dislikes and habits.
Drivers were quick to praise the PS6m revamp at the end of June, but it seems the "honeymoon period" is over with commuters getting stuck in queues several miles long.
He appeared to be uncomfortable with the 100-day honeymoon period bench mark to judge his government.
Simons jokingly calls the build-up to the start of the IPL as the honeymoon period.
In fact, workers are typically more engaged during this "honeymoon period" than they will be at any other stage in their employment with a company.
It's almost as if the Special One, in his second honeymoon period, feels as if he and Abramovich are genuine buddies.
Former England spinner Giles, an Ashes winner, does not expect a honeymoon period in his new role as England's one-day coach and admits his side are up against it in India - the first match is tomorrow.