honeymoon period

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honeymoon period

The short amount of time at the beginning of a new relationship, activity, or pursuit when everything goes well and seems to be free of problems. Donna was excited when she started her new job, but once the honeymoon period was over, she realized that she had more responsibilities than she could handle. Many couples find it difficult to maintain a relationship after the honeymoon period ends.
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a/the ˈhoneymoon period

a period of time at the beginning of something, for example a relationship, a job, a period in government, etc., when everybody is pleased with you and there appear to be no problems: The honeymoon period is over now for the new President.
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honeymoon (period)

and honeymoon stage
n. an early stage in any activity, before problems set in. You’ll know the honeymoon period is over when everything seems to go wrong at once. Of course, this is still the honeymoon stage, but everything seems to be going all right.
See also: honeymoon, period
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Although I must say I've never been with anyone who wanted it that often, even in the honeymoon period.
A new study has revealed that reveals that while both marriage and cohabitation provide benefits over being single, these reduce over time following a honeymoon period.
One of the reasons why you get a honeymoon period with new managers is that it's a new face and a different voice," Parry said.
Police today warned there will be no honeymoon period for drivers wedded to their mobile phones.
Moreover, the honeymoon period traditionally doesn't last long in any case.
But new England boss Steve McClaren's honeymoon period is over after his side registered a boring 0-0 draw against Macedonia at Old Trafford.
Network Q spokesman Richard Hughes says: "If you want to make sure the honeymoon period doesn't come to an early halt, make sure you get hitched to the car that is right for you
Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll, said Schwarzenegger has the power to influence voters, but much of that is because he is still in the honeymoon period on the job.
I think it's something to do with the honeymoon period of the relationship being over.
There is no honeymoon period, you have to hit the ground running from day one and keep the momentum going.
Once the honeymoon period of the first couple of weeks was over I felt Brazilian striker Jo would become something of a passenger at Everton.
Tonight, the honeymoon period is over when Earl and Billie discover that they can't get along.
His marriage enjoyed a brief honeymoon period before his wife began to get violent, particularly when he didn't shower her with gifts.
FOREST Green's revival proved a brief one as Morecambe ended new manager Colin Addison's short honeymoon period by romping to a resounding victory.
We're still on the edge of the honeymoon period with viewers with these shows - 'Boot Camp,' which is half-hearted reality and has no punch or appeal, can guarantee 8 million viewers its first week because simply it's one of these programs,'' Thompson adds.