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hone for (someone or something)

To yearn for someone or something. She honed for her boyfriend the whole week he was gone. In this heat, I find myself honing for some ice cream.
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hone in

1. To focus or concentrate on something. It's such a complex problem that it's hard to hone in on just one part of it.
2. To make progress toward some goal or end. I think the detective is honing in on us, Jimmy. We better turn ourselves in!
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hone for someone or something

Rur. to long for someone or something. Tom: What's wrong with Jane? Mary: She's honing for her sweetheart. Jimmy was honing for the red bicycle in the toy store window.
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hone in

1. To advance toward some target, goal, or desired state: The police are honing in on the location of the gang. We don't have the answer yet, but by working together we're definitely honing in.
2. To direct one's attention; focus: The lawyer honed in on the discrepancies in my testimony.
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23, Hones got tied up on a layup attempt, and when she came down to the floor, she landed awkwardly, injuring the same ACL.
It was devastating," said Hones, who was granted a medical redshirt for 2008-09.
The manual homemade hone usually consists of a drill motor with a shaft several meters long that mounts standard honing tools.
Another type of hone can get hung in the port area and break off honing material, causing havoc when the engine is operated.
If a part comes off a hone just a little too small, you can re-run it, while that's almost impossible with ID grinding," Young said.
The surface finish of the bore coming off the hone has a roughness average (Ra) of approximately 20 micro-inches (millionths of an inch) and drops into the low teens after button rifling, significantly exceeding the Mil-spec of 63 micro-inches.
The ball-style hone is a specialized abrasive that is recognizable by the usually small, abrasive globules mounted to nylon filaments.
How often have you wished for a hand hone that would cut faster than conventional stones?
Stoltenberg and Hones were playing catch just inside the box when Hones finally worked free for a shot, which forced Loyola Marymount goalie Allyssa Clark to the ground as she made a diving save.
In the process of thoroughly cleaning and resurface cylinder liners from top to bottom, some hones could get hung up.
To allow for adequate chip clearance and contact pressure between hone and part, superhones should be 1/2 to 1/4 the width of conventional hones they replaced.
Part of the reason for that preference, according to the Sabre staff, is the accuracy and ease of cleaning that result from the bore geometry and surface finish imparted by a Sunnen HTB tube hone.