hone for

hone for (someone or something)

To yearn for someone or something. She honed for her boyfriend the whole week he was gone. In this heat, I find myself honing for some ice cream.
See also: hone

hone for someone or something

Rur. to long for someone or something. Tom: What's wrong with Jane? Mary: She's honing for her sweetheart. Jimmy was honing for the red bicycle in the toy store window.
See also: hone
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Joseph Prowen gives a sharp-edged performance as Hone that manages to combine a conspiculously self-confident character with the resentful anger of a man called into court on three consecutive days as the Prince Regent tried to try Hone for anything the church could dig up as long, as he was gagged.
"We'll use a Flex Hone ball-style hone for deglazing a cylinder," says Don Bolland, president of Bolland Machine, Beaver Falls, PA.