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homie don't play that

slang I'm not doing that; that's not going to happen. The phrase was popularized by the 1990s sketch comedy show In Living Color. They think they can palm all the work off on me? Oh no, homie don't play that!
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and homey and homie
n. a buddy; a pal. (see also holmes.) Me and my homie want to go with you.
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Not trying to one up the homie, just trying to do the best we can, just trying to progress.
By combining revolutionary software and shared economies, Homie helps make finding, buying or selling a home easier and less expensive.
Similar to the Homie, the Snap-on has all its 20 pouches detachable.
Contrary to their two-inch stature, Big Loco and his Homies have sparked a giant debate.
His Mexican homies objected at first, but 18th Street had started to incorporate large numbers of Salvadorans.
mitosis and miosis ain't the same thing homie, one makin' babies the other makin' copies," the Telegraph quoted the lyrics of the rap.
Anybody Killa performs with Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Axe Murder Boys at 8 p.
Legal note: Homie is short for home boy, which in the argot employed by exponents of "Hip Hop" refers to one's chums who dwell in the same "hood" as one.
As rapper Rich Homie Quan prepares for the release of his debut album, the Atlanta artist has been dealt a major setback.
The day 800 was supposed to be done and released, my homie was still mastering it on the Megabus to Pittsburgh, and then sending it to my other homie who was in Toronto, and it was taking forever to Dropbox," he remembers, describing a process that more closely resembles a last-minute school project than a production for the masses.
Homie, meanwhile, gets into a spot of bother with a Ukranian terrorist in a way that only Homie can.
It makes it a bit harder to put out a homie video 'cause half the dudes are working nine-to-fives and can only skate on the weekends--or they're skating for a living and their sponsors want their footage.
A lot of people may have took that as a diss record, but for me I hope homie took something from that.
The FADER's cover article on the homie French Montana is such a good article I read it twice.