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do (one's) homework

1. Literally, to complete school work that has been assigned to be done at home. You can't watch any more television until you do your homework!
2. To be thoroughly prepared and informed for something, such as a meeting, interview, or report. Be sure you do your homework before heading into that meeting; there's a lot at stake, and no one's going to like it if you aren't up to speed.
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the dog ate my homework

A hackneyed explanation for why one's homework is incomplete. A: "I can't tell my teacher that the dog ate my homework!" B: "Come on, a bad excuse is better than none."
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(The) dog ate my homework

A poor excuse for something that someone has failed to do on time. (From an excuse a student might give for failing to turn in homework on time. Occurs in many variations.) The dog ate my homework, so I have nothing to turn in. (Used as an attributive.) Bob was late with his report and had nothing but his typical dog-ate-my-homework excuses.
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do one's homework

Be well prepared, as in Steve had done his homework before the meeting and could answer all of the client's questions . This usage transfers a school assignment to a broader context. [c. 1930]
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do your homework

If you do your homework, you prepare for something, especially by finding out information about it. Before you buy any shares, do your homework. Doing your homework before you make your request will help you to have a confident manner.
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do your homework

examine thoroughly the details and background of a subject or topic, especially before giving your own views on it.
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do your ˈhomework (on something)

find out the facts, details, etc. of a subject in preparation for a meeting, a speech, an article, etc: He had just not done his homework for the interview. He couldn’t answer our questions.
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We make an important theoretical distinction by arguing that homework is different from extra credit because it involves the loss of marks for non-completion rather than the gain of bonus marks.
When asked if Homework Help is helping them be more confident about their school work, a resounding 90 percent said yes.
Mr Boyes and his wife Dianne, a classroom assistant, attended a course run by James's school to learn how they could help support their children with their homework.
When Harvard University's Graduate School of Education hosted a forum in 2000 on "The Homework Wars," educational researcher Etta Kralovec argued, "When work goes home, teachers have little control over who does the work," and added that teachers are unable to scaffold new knowledge for students and are unaware of each student's true educational progress.
The syllabus and information about the homework settings for each section were not available during enrollment and were only made available to students via Blackboard on the first day of their particular class.
The study raises the question of inadvertent educational discrimination against families who may be disadvantaged because the parents are: not college educated; non-English speaking; or unavailable to assist their child at homework time," reported Stephanie Donaldson-Pressman, lead author of The Learning Habit.
I like homework because it is a link between school and home and it is nice to be able to feel that you are backing up the work that the teacher is putting in for your child's education.
Homework noncompliance is most often an issue of pace rather than motivation.
Other things that parents can do is establishing a homework routine for their kids, getting involved in their child's homework and monitoring it daily.
Plan homework while your child's alert: Some kids may need a little downtime immediately after getting home from school but try to get it done as soon as you can, before tea.
Greg, 14 I always thought homework was a waste of time, and I was right.
IT''S along time since I did school homework - but I remember there being a lot of it: essays to write, languages to translate, equations to balance.
Whether students' motivation, organizational approaches, physical needs, and environmental and interpersonal preferences during the homework process predict homework achievement and attitudes toward homework was examined in 1,776 Turkish students in Grades 5 through 8.
ASETTLING down and getting into a good homework routine is one of those key problematic areas for many parents and there are many searching for that magic trick to make homework sessions easier for everyone.