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Homeric nod

A continuity error in a work of fiction. An allusion to the Greek poet Homer, whose epic poems contain several apparent errors in continuity. Though the film is being heralded by many as the director's masterpiece, there is a Homeric nod towards the end that is undeniably jarring.
See also: nod

even Homer (sometimes) nods

Even the best creators of fiction sometimes commit errors. An allusion to the Greek poet Homer, whose epic poems contain several apparent errors in continuity. The film is without a doubt the filmmaker's masterpiece, despite a minor plot hole in the third act; even Homer nods, after all.
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1. slang In baseball or softball, a home run (a hit that allows the batter to round all four bases and score a run, almost always because the ball was hit out of the ball park in fair territory). If he hits a homer, we'll win the game.
2. slang A sports fan who ardently (and often blindly or irrationally) supports the hometown team(s). Oh, that guy's a real homer—he'll tell you all the reasons why his team is going to make the playoffs, even though they're currently last in the standings.


1. n. a home run in baseball. Wilbur hit one homer after another.
2. tv. & in. to hit a home run. Wilbur homered another one and brought in two runs with him.
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But in the fifth, Eric Chavez homered to right field.
After Billy McMillon homered leading off the sixth, making it 5-3, Weber and Scott Schoeneweis stirred in the bullpen.
Dan Uggla and Chris Snyder each homered twice for Lancaster (25-21).
Jon Kane homered and drove in a game-high five runs for Kennedy, which got a homer and four RBI from Rudy Alvarado.
Casey Haerther homered and Jim Rapoport doubled twice for Chaminade, which led 3-0 in the first inning.
Snow, Sanders and Barry Bonds all homered for the Giants in their Game 1 win.
Salmon homered with two outs and nobody on in the first, and Spiezio hit his homer with nobody on and one out in the second.
Tom McGee (Cal Lutheran) homered for Single-A Delmarva (Md.