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even Homer (sometimes) nods

Even the most scrupulous and exact person may fall victim to mistakes and errors. An allusion to the Greek poet Homer, whose epic poems contain several apparent errors in continuity. The film is without a doubt the filmmaker's masterpiece, despite a minor plot hole in the third act—even Homer nods, after all. Now, even Homer sometimes nods, to be sure, but any errors in this matter, no matter how small, could cost the company millions.
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1. slang In baseball or softball, a home run (a hit that allows the batter to round all four bases and score a run, almost always because the ball was hit out of the ball park in fair territory). If he hits a homer, we'll win the game.
2. slang A sports fan who ardently (and often blindly or irrationally) supports the hometown team(s). Oh, that guy's a real homer—he'll tell you all the reasons why his team is going to make the playoffs, even though they're currently last in the standings.

Homeric nod

A continuity error in a work of fiction. An allusion to the Greek poet Homer, whose epic poems contain several apparent errors in continuity. Though the film is being heralded by many as the director's masterpiece, there is a Homeric nod towards the end that is undeniably jarring.
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1. n. a home run in baseball. Wilbur hit one homer after another.
2. tv. & in. to hit a home run. Wilbur homered another one and brought in two runs with him.
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THE CARE WILSON TAKES TO RENEW Homer's work as an audible narrative marks, I believe, the most singular accomplishment of her translation.
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