a home from home

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home away from home

A place in which one has spent a lot of time and often where one feels as comfortable and familiar as one's own home. Growing up, I spent so much time at my best friend's house, it felt like my home away from home. Brett visits Paris so often, it has become his home away from home.
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a home from home


a home away from home

A home from home is a place where you are as comfortable as in your own home. Many cottages are a home from home, offering microwaves, dishwashers, tvs and videos.
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a home from home

a place where you are as happy, relaxed, or at ease as in your own home.
The North American version of this expression is a home away from home .
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a ˌhome from ˈhome

(British English) (American English a ˌhome away from ˈhome) a place where you feel as comfortable, happy, etc. as in your own home: They used to stay in their aunt’s apartment in Brighton every summer. It was a real home from home.
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