a home from home

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home away from home

A place in which one has spent a lot of time and often where one feels as comfortable and familiar as one's own home. Growing up, I spent so much time at my best friend's house, it felt like my home away from home. Brett visits Paris so often, it has become his home away from home.
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a home from home


a home away from home

A home from home is a place where you are as comfortable as in your own home. Many cottages are a home from home, offering microwaves, dishwashers, tvs and videos.
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a home from home

a place where you are as happy, relaxed, or at ease as in your own home.
The North American version of this expression is a home away from home .
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a ˌhome from ˈhome

(British English) (American English a ˌhome away from ˈhome) a place where you feel as comfortable, happy, etc. as in your own home: They used to stay in their aunt’s apartment in Brighton every summer. It was a real home from home.
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Home from Home Co-ordinator Kim Rowlands with 12-yearold Border Collie Spike, who is enjoying lots of TLC in his foster home
Johnny Vegas starred in the pilot Home From Home - about a family's new second home in the Lakes - but, while pleasant enough, unlike Our Ex-Wife, it didn't demand a series.
She explained: "We had the benefit of staying in Paul's House in London, which is a CLIC Sargent Home from Home.
"Just being able to escape the hospital and have somewhere called a Home from Home, and that's exactly what it is.
Home from Home, based in Fillongley, says that the influx of students has left them without any hosts capable of helping out.
WEE HOME FROM HOME, Northern Stage, also tonight NORTHERN Stage is holding fast to all things Scottish as they welcome Wee Home From Home.
Their high quality accommodation ensures each family staying at a home from home benefits from a private bedroom, a shared kitchen, dining and lounge area in a friendly house ( safe in the knowledge that they are only a short walking distance from their child's bedside.
They run Olive Tree Deli and Coffee Shop in College Road, Crosby, and children's day nursery Home from Home in Waterloo.
At a time when more than 30,000 students will be starting university or college in the West Midlands, which for many will be the first time living away from home, Home from Home aims to demystify what can be a complex and daunting experience.
Homeless charity Shelter and mortgage lender the Bradford and Bingley have launched Home from Home, a guide to renting and letting property.
She has also been joined in her Home From Home accommodation company by her daughter Andrea and husband Lyndon.