home away from home

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home away from home

A place in which one has spent a lot of time and often where one feels as comfortable and familiar as one's own home. Growing up, I spent so much time at my best friend's house, it felt like my home away from home. Brett visits Paris so often, it has become his home away from home.
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one's home away from home

a place, other than one's home, where one can feel at home. Please make our house your home away from home when you are in town.
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a home from home


a home away from home

A home from home is a place where you are as comfortable as in your own home. Many cottages are a home from home, offering microwaves, dishwashers, tvs and videos.
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a home from home

a place where you are as happy, relaxed, or at ease as in your own home.
The North American version of this expression is a home away from home .
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a ˌhome from ˈhome

(British English) (American English a ˌhome away from ˈhome) a place where you feel as comfortable, happy, etc. as in your own home: They used to stay in their aunt’s apartment in Brighton every summer. It was a real home from home.
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This is our home away from home,'' said his mother, Amy, 42, who was there with her husband, Edwin, 56, and daughter Emmylou, 12.
For those who travel frequently, they represent a home away from home.
It's a home away from home where companies can send personnel to deal with recovery, using real-time backup redundant data to maintain critical business operations and thereby prevent loss of revenue," said Mark Hansen, chief technology officer for MarquisNet.
NFL broadcaster John Madden travels more than 100,000 miles per year in his famous "Madden Cruiser", an MCI motorcoach converted into a luxurious home away from home by Superior Coach Interiors.
SECU Family House will serve North Carolina families who need a home away from home during a loved one's extended hospital stay.
When they come here, I try to make them feel at home away from home.
The luxury fifth wheel recreational vehicles built by leading travel trailer manufacturer Teton Homes serve as a home away from home for thousands of travelers around the country.
It's kind of like a home away from home,'' Werth said.
The shopping mall is Santa's typical home away from home.
It's very upsetting to the kids, because this is their home away from home,'' Fiszer said.
But to a lot of the veteran cops who cut their teeth as rookies at the old West Valley station, the place was like a home away from home.