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holler something out

to yell something out. The guard hollered a warning out. They hollered out a warning.
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holler uncle

 and cry uncle; say uncle
Fig. to admit defeat. Joe kept pounding on Jim, trying to get him to holler uncle. He twisted my arm until I cried uncle.
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hoot and holler

to shout in disapproval; to call and shout one's displeasure. After the umpire rendered his decision, the spectators hooted and hollered their thoughts on the matter. It's hard to play a good game of basketball when the fans are hooting and hollering at everything you do.
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two (w)hoops and a holler

Rur. a short distance. Lexington? That's just two whoops and a holler from here. We're just two hoops and a holler from the downtown.
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Lou hollering and me beating my head against the wall and crying until her voice is gone and all my pain converges in my bloodied head.
Those who adapt, as the Mexican American girl in Cisneros' "Never Marry a Mexican," (in Women Hollering Creek) struggle with their own language.
Hooting and hollering was heard throughout the halls as news traveled among Barefoot employees.
If confronted by an agressive mountain lion the best thing to do is attempt to scare it away by hollering or throwing rocks and sticks, Hauck said.
Yet both Ramis and Munoz are equally impressive as soloists when indelicately hollering in Spanish or tearing about the stage on their knees.
Then, as the first roper bolted out of the starting gate, he started hooting and hollering.
A trash truck driver in Granada Hills was flagged down by a woman running out of her garage hollering, ``I'm being burglarized,'' police said.
Then the referee's hand went up and I just ran around hooting and hollering, jumped 20 feet in the air.