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holler something out

to yell something out. The guard hollered a warning out. They hollered out a warning.
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holler uncle

 and cry uncle; say uncle
Fig. to admit defeat. Joe kept pounding on Jim, trying to get him to holler uncle. He twisted my arm until I cried uncle.
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hoot and holler

to shout in disapproval; to call and shout one's displeasure. After the umpire rendered his decision, the spectators hooted and hollered their thoughts on the matter. It's hard to play a good game of basketball when the fans are hooting and hollering at everything you do.
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two (w)hoops and a holler

Rur. a short distance. Lexington? That's just two whoops and a holler from here. We're just two hoops and a holler from the downtown.
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Holler He is held at maximum-security Wende jail near Buffalo and his petition for parole has been denied every two years since 2000.
A room containing three works from the 1990s best showed how cleverly subversive and humorous Holler can be.
Ladbrokes: 7-2 Magical Memory, 9-2 The Tin Man, Twilight Son, 7 Undrafted, Limato, 10 Holler, Gold Fun, 16 bar.
Holler said that staff and board members are in the planning phases and still considering how to best utilize the property.
In November,James Kirkham, the head omobile and social at Leo Bur-nett London and a co-founderof Holler, resigned.
HOLLER will enable users to run all possible mobile marketing communications through multiple channels at a time, with simple setup of automation algorithm and running all those integrations through multiple channels.
Then two points by Schroder with a drop and clean spike and a block by Holler sent the Germans three points clear.
As part of its scope of business, Holler will orchestrate fully-fledged, socially-powered, and mobile-ready online communications strategies that drive strong business impact in today's hyper-connected world.
That's what we are doing by bringing in Holler now.
Holler uses Shakur's lyrics in a book-driven musical about a young man struggling to find a place for himself and his friends in a hard-luck community--in other words, a nontraditional traditional Broadway musical.
Holler said he was not interested in buying the dead toddler's toys because that might "act unbecomingly", but he has no problem in selling Anthony's paraphernalia.
Holler, who lives in London and is employed as a junior sales manager was introduced to the viewers in an early May episode in which she visited his Florida home.
With tribal stomps, hollers and even a fuzzed out, feedback-laden doo-wop ballad, the mighty raw energy and rock and roll tradition that powers their hearts and souls seems to be in expansive mood.
Frontino made its debut at Interzum last year and is in full production, Holler said.
Somewhere between GFP and Alba, the mushroom species would still exist if Holler hadn't modeled them, but they wouldn't be recognized as art, and that is one of the things that defines scientific creation: modeling the features of the natural world so as to better understand how they fit together.