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holler out

To shout or yell (something in particular, which can be named between "holler" and "out"). Becky hollered out when I accidentally stepped on her foot. Just holler some instructions out, and I'll start working on this.
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holler uncle

To admit defeat or plead for mercy, especially in an informal physical contest of some kind. The brothers often play fought, but it was invariably the younger of the two who had to holler uncle by the end.
See also: holler, uncle

hoot and holler

To voice displeasure or unhappiness. There's no need to hoot and holler, Eleanor—we'll figure out a solution. Oh boy, what's the boss hooting and hollering about now?
See also: and, holler, hoot

holler something out

to yell something out. The guard hollered a warning out. They hollered out a warning.
See also: holler, out

holler uncle

 and cry uncle; say uncle
Fig. to admit defeat. Joe kept pounding on Jim, trying to get him to holler uncle. He twisted my arm until I cried uncle.
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hoot and holler

to shout in disapproval; to call and shout one's displeasure. After the umpire rendered his decision, the spectators hooted and hollered their thoughts on the matter. It's hard to play a good game of basketball when the fans are hooting and hollering at everything you do.
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two (w)hoops and a holler

Rur. a short distance. Lexington? That's just two whoops and a holler from here. We're just two hoops and a holler from the downtown.
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The sexy image adopted for Holler Holler comes as a taster for their new and third album Forever, which is released on November 6.
Among the new poems are "Schallmauer," "In Feindeshand," and three that originated on a trip to Prague: "Wenzelsplatz," "Judischer Friedhof," and "Poliklinik Prag." All are from the period 1963-65, a time of personal crisis for the author, as documented in her Berlin essay "Ein Ort fur Zufalle." Holler's commentary brings out connections of the poems to that essay as well as to the prose cycle Todesarten.
Holler retired the first 19 batters he faced before he gave up the only hit of the day by Elk Grove a home run.
The productive contradictions found in Lofstrom's and Holler's works helped make "Insomnia" an unusually thought-provoking exhibition.
Holler said that staff and board members are in the planning phases and still considering how to best utilize the property.
At every rally they pledged to take America back, causing the crowds to whoop, holler, yay and screech God Bless America.
Leo Burnett and Publicis group of companies have announced the launch of social and mobile agency Holler in Dubai.
But while dazzling audiences in After Midnight, Jared Grimes has also been working as an associate choreographer on Holler If Ya Hear Me, which begins previews on May 26.
Eric Holler, who is the owner of the site, (http://www.wesh.com/news/casey-anthony-extended-coverage/casey-anthonys-clothing-purses-sold-on-murderabilia-site/-/13479888/23904222/-/ew8gsx/-/index.html?absolute=true) told WESH 2 News , "I'm catering to supply and demand." He said the personal items were purchased from Mount Dora resident Christina Werner, who bought the things from the garage sale run by Casey's guardians, George and Cindy Anthony, last summer.
PhD Jes Gitz Holler from the University of Copenhagen has said that the natural compound has great potential as an effective drug to combat multi-resistant bacterial strains.
The "Gourmet's Guide To Cheese" is the collaborative and detailed work of Brigette Engelmann and Peter Holler. Following informative introductory chapters on the nature of cheese, cheese production, and the handling of cheese, this 600-page compendium showcases the rich and diverse varieties of cheeses from around the world and is organized by country.
Conceptual artist Carsten Holler wants the "guinea pigs" to wear special goggles which will invert their vision to see everything upside down.
Makes Me Wanna Holler: A Young Black Man in America by Nathan McCall, Random House February, 2004, $25, ISBN 0-679-41268-9
Grinds on this E will get you a holler. Airs will get you legend status.