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In addition, the Securities and Exchange Commission's net capital rule for securities broker-dealers generally requires the firm to deduct from its regulatory capital 100 percent of the carrying value of the firm's private equity investments, a rule that induces these firms to shift their holdings to nonregulated affiliates.
Private equity holdings are large and growing rapidly now, and the restraints on further growth are being relaxed.
The Merchants National case involved a proposal by Merchants National Corporation, an Indiana bank holding company, to acquire and retain two Indiana state banks that engaged directly in certain general insurance agency activities that were permitted state banks under Indiana law.
About Valero GP Holdings, LLC: Valero GP Holdings, LLC is a publicly traded limited liability company that owns the two percent general partner interest, a 21.
Relatively little is known about the extent of nonbank activities of early bank holding companies, but many of the companies appear to have been formed as a means of expanding geographically into areas in which branch banking was restricted, rather than as a means of engaging in activities prohibited to banks.
Texas Energy Holdings is a privately held energy investment firm currently managing more than $50 million in assets and concentrating in active development of oil and gas fields.
1 billion in new debt facilities for the recapitalization of EBG Holdings and its subsidiaries.
We're pleased about the opportunity to add the patented technology and talented people of KNOVA Software to the CRM side of M2M Holdings," said Dave Tabors, general partner for Battery.
FLAC Holdings was formed as a Delaware limited liability company in May 2004 for the limited purposes of acquiring and owning stock of Forethought Life Assurance Company (FLAC), which acquired a defined block of existing in-force pre-need insurance policies from Forethought Life Insurance Company (FLIC), issuing existing notes to support the acquisition of the in-force business and engaging in other activities incidental to the servicing and operation of the defined block of policies.
The Negative Rating Outlook incorporates the challenges noted above as well as the potential for cash payment of PIK interest as well as a possible put of JohnsonDiversey Holdings stock held by Unilever.
875% Senior Discount Notes due 2010 (the "Buffets Holdings Notes") and that Buffets, Inc.
UTEK Corporation (AMEX:UTK) (LSE-AIM:UTK) a specialty finance company focused on technology transfer, and Liberty Diversified Holdings, Inc.
DE / NYSE: DB) announced today the signing of a definitive agreement to acquire MortgageIT Holdings, Inc.
DALLAS -- Texas Energy Holdings, a privately held energy investment firm concentrating in active development of oil and gas fields, has announced the formation of Texas Energy Holdings International LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary focusing on foreign investor relations and diversified capital sourcing in China, the United Kingdom, Australia and other countries.
The merger of Holdings and Global will enhance the way collectibles are bought and sold to consumers knowing purchases are free from counterfeits and forgeries," commented Kevin Hammond, CEO of Holdings.