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After being a mutual life insurer since 1934, United Heritage converted to a mutual holding company last year.
A financial holding company may not under this subpart acquire or control assets, other than debt or equity securities or other ownership interests in a company, unless:
In those states that allow combination only for those companies involved in the conduct of a unitary business, the answer is not so clear, especially if Holding is purely a holding company because whether a pure holding company can be engaged in a unitary business (i.
I like/dislike holding hands during the Lord's Prayer because:
About Valero GP Holdings, LLC: Valero GP Holdings, LLC is a publicly traded limited liability company that owns the two percent general partner interest, a 21.
Generally, the rule permits a ten-year holding period for direct investments and a fifteen-year holding period for investments in private equity funds.
Courts applying the transactional test have been influenced by the size of the transaction, holding that a sale's being unusually large suggests that the transaction is not in the normal course of the taxpayer's business.
Reflect the property holdings on financial statements as investments.
and Dover entered into an agreement with Thyssen Industrie Holdings U.
Moreover, a national bank itself or any bank holding company already can invest up to 5 percent of its capital in a small business investment company that, in turn, can own up to 49 percent of the voting shares of any small business; the banking organization can also make loans to those businesses.
the merger of holding companies) depends on all the facts and circumstances.
Nevertheless, for families still holding financial assets, median holdings more than doubled, whereas mean holdings increased only about 40 percent.
1223-3 provides for divided holding periods for partnership interests.
I am pleased to appear today to discuss with you the role of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in the supervision of the Florida offices of the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), and in the supervision of the NBG Financial Corporation, the parent bank holding company of the National Bank of Georgia (NBG).