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Non-Protected Holding: [euro]200,000 (400,000-200,000)
Sometimes, when airspace, terrain or conflicts with other arrival and departure procedures preclude a standard 10-miles-from-the-fix procedure turn, the arrival may instead specify a holding pattern "in lieu of" the procedure turn.
Commercial Casualty Insurance Co., Los Angeles, was acquired by Folksamerica Holdings Company Inc.
The section on "Leasing Personal or Real Property" has been revised to incorporate a Board staff legal opinion that was requested by a foreign banking organization (FBO) that is treated as a bank holding company (BHC).
* holding time contributed to changes in ductile iron composition at all three temperature levels;
The alliance's base includes 97% stakes in Dallas-based fixed telephony specialists Comm South and Miami-based mobile provider Topp Telecom, as well as holdings in broadband service provider Genesis in Venezuela and fixed-line company Techtel in Argentina.
* The new stock's holding period includes the old stock's holding period, except for purposes of the six-month holding period for rollover.
Under the new law, an investment bank that does not own a commercial bank (no deposits) can form a slightly different kind of financial holding company for which the SEC holds the umbrella.
Some of the mutual stock funds held by the Mosbys include Washington Mutual Investors Fund (Nasdaq: AWSHX), a classic large-cap value fund with holdings in banks, financial services and retail and consumer products companies; Janus Mercury Fund (Nasdaq: JAMRX), which invests in large-cap growth stocks in technology and media; the Legg Mason Value Trust (Nasdaq: LMVTX), which holds a blend of large-cap growth and value stocks with the likes of America Online and Dell Computer (Nasdaq: Dell) in its portfolio; and the Robertson Stephens Emerging Growth Fund (Nasdaq: RSEGX), which focuses on small-cap stocks.
Under this strategy, if Target pays interest expenses to Holding that matches or almost matches the interest expense paid by Holding to third parties, the operating income of Target should be effectively sheltered.
I must confess, there was a bit of romance involved in that situation, but having a woman already holding a crumpled tissue decide we should hold it together to pray is something else.
Curl up holding outer thighs, elbows open and shoulders down.
November 12345, cleared to Avsaf, hold east as published, expect further clearance at 1845." That's a typical clearance into a holding pattern for an IFR flight when ATC needs to "park" it somewhere until traffic or other conditions allow it to continue to its destination.
Husnu Ozyegin, the owner of the FIBA Holding, is the richest Turkish person with 3 billion USD of wealth, according to the list.