hold your tongue

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hold (one's) tongue

To stay quiet despite wanting to say something If you want to say something rude to my girlfriend, please hold your tongue, all right?
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hold your tongue

If you hold your tongue, you do not speak. Douglas held his tongue, preferring not to speak out on a politically sensitive issue. Note: People sometimes say hold your tongue as an angry way of telling someone to be quiet. `Hold your tongue, woman,' he had warned her furiously.
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hold your tongue

remain silent. informal
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ˌhold your ˈpeace/ˈtongue

(old-fashioned) say nothing; remain silent although you would like to give your opinion: We don’t want anyone to know what’s happened, so you’d better hold your tongue — do you understand?I didn’t want to start another argument, so I held my peace.
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References in classic literature ?
There are two ways of making you hold your tongue," he said.
For goodness sake, hold your tongue," she interrupted, tears of annoyance in her eyes.
First top off, then half-done, then--' 'Will you hold your tongue,' cried the cat, 'one word more, and I will eat you too.
Since it has been borne in upon you by heaven to recognise me, hold your tongue, and do not say a word about it any one else in the house, for if you do I tell you--and it shall surely be--that if heaven grants me to take the lives of these suitors, I will not spare you, though you are my own nurse, when I am killing the other women.
And Ulysses answered, "Nurse, you ought not to speak in that way; I am well able to form my own opinion about one and all of them; hold your tongue and leave everything to heaven.
Speak with less impertinence, master thief of extra measure," replied the commissary, "if you don't want me to make you hold your tongue in spite of your teeth.
This stick helps to hold your tongue down so that the doctor or nurse can check for swelling, redness, or other signs of infection in your mouth and throat.
CHARITY fundraisers are calling on teachers, parents and youth group leaders in Coventry and Warwickshire to register for Macmillan Cancer Relief's Hold Your Tongue Challenge.
So if you find your blood pressure rising on a flight this festive season: breathe deeply, hold your tongue and go easy on the drink.
They will have the chance to take part in the Hold Your Tongue 10-minute sponsored silence on February 26.
The date for the silence, named Hold Your Tongue, has been set for February 26.
Take a leaf out of the "good book" Iris - Job 13/19, "So hold your tongue while I have my say, then I'll take whatever I have coming to me".
Until she asks for your help, your difficult task is to hold your tongue and be prepared to pick up the pieces.
The Hold Your Tongue campaign was piloted last year in 300 schools and raised pounds 150,000 for cancer care.
You've both just got to grit your teeth, hold your tongues and eventually the emotional storms will pass.