hold your horses

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hold your horses

Wait a moment or be patient (often because you are moving too quickly or thoughtlessly). Whoa, hold your horses, kids. We're going to sing before we start eating cake. I know you're excited to see the prototype, but you all just need to hold your horses while we get set up.
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Hold your horses!

 and Hold your tater!
Fig. Inf. Wait! Tom: Let's go! Let's go! Mary: Hold your horses. Hold your tater, now. Where did you say you are going?
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hold one's horses

Slow down, be patient, as in Dad told Kevin to hold his horses on Christmas shopping, since it was only July, or Hold your horses, I'm coming. This expression alludes to a driver making horses wait by holding the reins tightly. [Slang; c. 1840]
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hold your horses

If you say hold your horses, you are telling someone to stop doing or saying something for a moment because they have not thought enough about it. Hold your horses a minute, will you, and just take another look at this document.
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hold your horses

wait a moment; restrain your enthusiasm. informal
1999 Colin Dexter The Remorseful Day Hold your horses! One or two things I'd like you to check first, just to make it one hundred per cent.
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hold your ˈhorses

(informal) used for asking somebody to stop for a moment, speak more slowly, etc: Hold your horses! We haven’t finished the last question yet.
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hold (one's) horses

To restrain oneself.
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hold your horses

Be patient. Originally this nineteenth-century Americanism directly instructed the driver to hold his team of horses, and later it became a colloquial imperative to slow down and wait.
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Hold your horses was a warning to citizens on horseback who were near the circus parade route on city streets.
"It is going to be horrible; there's no question about it" Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt on the effect of Government cuts "Hold your horses world.
If the answer is yes, and it doesn't work, hold your horses and hold on to those cords!
Well, hold your horses, buddy, because I think you'll find the answer to high fuel costs is right here much closer to home...in fact, right under your nose.
HOLD your horses! Training for the Panto Horse Grand National got under way when competing steeds turned up at Birmingham's City Plaza for a bit of horseplay ahead of Sunday's big race.
Well, hold your horses because we don't think it's actually happening.
Third-placed Hold Your Horses made a mistake at the final ditch but shaped well.
HOLD YOUR HORSES: Noyan almosts unseats his jockey as winner Florida Pearl (left) comes through in yesterday's Martell Cup Picture: COLIN LANE
HOLD your horses and have a gander at this new book.
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