hold your head high

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hold (one's) head (up) high

To feel and show pride in oneself, especially in times of difficulty, failure, or embarrassment. I know you're unhappy that you lost, but you should hold your head high and be proud of all you accomplished this season. No matter the outcome, they can hold their heads up high that they did a good job on this.
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hold your head (up) high

be confident or unashamed.
See also: head, high, hold
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The defendants were greeted with chants of "Long live the struggle of journalists!" and "Hold your head high, you are a journalist!" by about two dozen supporters when they came out of the courthouse, where scores of riot police were deployed, backed by armored vehicles.
Have a fun vacation and when you return, hold your head high and push yourself to talk to boys in your grade.
You hold your head high. I have three sons and the drug I was on for 30 years was cigarettes.
Stand up straight, hold your head high, walk confidently forward, and you can literally feel the difference it makes.
If you hold your head high and ride out the storm, someone else will soon be the brunt of local gossip.
So keep your horizons, within your sight Hold your head high, let your heart take flight.
So I say to Joanne: Hold your head high - things will change.
Hold your head high and consider treating the incident like yesterday's a bad joke.
If the rumour mill churns about you at work or in your community, you've got options: hold your head high and ignore it till it passes, or identify where it started, gather evidence to the contrary and present it to the person responsible.
Foreign Secretary Robin Cook yesterday sent a message to Scots: "Hold your head high this weekend - let's show the world what we're made of."
Move on, move forward, hold your head high and please recognize that this begging boyfriend is majorly bad news.
Even if he does, you didn't do anything other couples haven't done before, so hold your head high and proceed more slowly with the next boyfriend.
For now, hold your head high and pay attention to the people and activities that matter to you.