hold tight

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hold (on) tight

to grasp (someone or something) tightly. Here we go on the merry-go-round! Hold on tight! The children were told to hold tight on the swings.
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In 'Hold Tight', Bieber starts off whispering 'Happy Birthday'.
Knowing dinner would be delayed, I was about to send a message to the upper staff in cabin areas to hold tight and not blow the dinner bugle.
But will it be strong enough to hold tight? Or will it eventually end up in the great big sea, even more lost, with no escape?
Squid suckers have the dangerous combination of a suction cup and a ring of sharp "teeth" to hold tight to predator or prey.
I must go back to Paris, and sit at the Bank Cafe As Sirocco winds ride overland, and night Time spreads to day Quietly I'll sit remembering The man I lost so needlessly His tears and smiles and loving ways Dismissed so carelessly I'll drink to all life's lovers Here's to the very best of times Hold tight, and keep close Your own true one And never be unkind.
'The ride isn't always gonna be as smooth as we'd want it to be, but just hold tight. Daddy's got you.
Hold Tight had plenty go against him when beaten half a length by Crazy Chic at Lingfield in October.
HOLD tight through the rain and cold winds for the next few days - on Wednesday they will give way to blazing sunshine as much of Britain basks in a Flaming June heatwave.
So they have to hold tight, please, to their nerves and their temper.
"Dewi loved having cuddles and grasping hold of my little finger, he would hold tight and not let go," said Leanne.
Hold tight for Blackpool Tower and the Pleasure Beach's rollercoasters
The dog allowed Bob to appear solo as a presenter on the children's action game show Hold Tight for three years.
Gather up the edges of the tea towel, then hold tight and swing it about over the sink a few times.
HOLD TIGHT: Brideto-be Karen Billington prepares for her zipwire challenge; inset, left, former Liverpool footballer David Fairclough, with son Tom and daughter Sophie; and, inset, right, Karen Billington with Rachel Hall and Vanessa Collins
Slade have been booked to headline next summer's Hold Tight It's 70's Night concert at the National Trust's Ormesby Hall.