hold (one's) head (up) high

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hold (one's) head (up) high

To display confidence and pride, especially with one's body language, as a way of showing that one is not ashamed of something. Such behavior often includes literally holding one's head up instead of letting it hang down. I know you're disappointed to have lost, but you should hold your head high—you ran an excellent race.
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hold one's head high

Also, hold one's head up; hold up one's head. Behave proudly; maintain one's dignity. For example, After the bankruptcy Mr. Jones still held his head high, or Grandma told Brian he could hold his head up because he'd tried extremely hard, or After that newspaper article, I'm not sure I'll ever hold up my head again. All these expressions allude to a posture of pride. [Second half of 1500s]
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hold your head (up) high

be confident or unashamed.
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hold your ˈhead up (high)

not feel ashamed, guilty or embarrassed about something: After this scandal, he will never be able to hold his head up high again. OPPOSITE: hang your head (in/for shame)
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It didn't quite come off for us in the end, but the lads can hold their heads high and we can walk away with pride.
SLOVENIA 2 LEIGH GRIFFITHS says Scotland can hold their heads high as they suffered World Cup heartbreak in Slovenia.
The Premier County shocked many by getting to the semis and can hold their heads high after a remarkable season.
They can hold their heads high because they have set a new average home attendance record for a team relegated from the Premier League.
Despiote the gut-wrenching nature of the defeat, England's women were terrific and should hold their heads high.
Afrom PRESTON MOMMSEN insists Scotland can hold their heads high regardless of the outcome of their final two World Cup matches.
THE people of Liverpool can hold their heads high that not a single UKIP councillor has been elected in the city.
GARRY MONK has told Swansea City to hold their heads high after heartbreak in Europe - and urged his players to take the belief they showed at the San Paolo into the rest of their careers.
Our staff, community and students can hold their heads high - they have wiped out all the terrible experiences of the past and proved we provide an outstanding education.
Thanks to the tremendous and dignified welcome given to her Majesty the Queen, British people can hold their heads high in this community.
The fans are about the only people who can hold their heads high, but this will be little comfort as they contemplate life away from the elite.
Coventry's Stivichall School took part in the tournament which was watched by Warwickshire bowler Boyd Rankin, Although they did not progress through to the final, which was won by Birchfield Community Primary, the team can hold their heads high after playing well throughout.
Were that to be the case, Toshack and his players would be entitled to hold their heads high, given the problems they have had to address over the past two seasons.
ENGLAND coach Brian Ashton urged his defeated troops to hold their heads high and stand proud - despite the bitter blow of last night's defeat.