hold (one's) fire

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hold (one's) fire

1. To cease or pause firing a firearm. Hold your fire, men—wait until they have crested the hill before attacking. Tell your men to hold fire! We surrender!
2. By extension, to stop attacking, harassing, or criticizing someone or something. He's asking his legions of fans to hold their fire in their online attacks against his accuser.
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hold one's fire

1. Lit. to refrain from shooting (a gun, etc.). The sergeant told the soldiers to hold their fire. Please hold your fire until I get out of the way.
2. Fig. to postpone one's criticism or commentary. Now, now, hold your fire until I've had a chance to explain. Hold your fire, Bill. You're too quick to complain.
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hold one's fire

Refrain from comment or criticism, especially for the time being. For example, Hold your fire, Jim, she's not finished yet, or Nancy decided to hold her fire until she had more information. This expression alludes to refraining from shooting a gun and originated in the military.
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hold your fire


hold fire

1. If you hold your fire or hold fire, you wait and do not do anything for a while. We are holding fire on our assessment of the situation until a detailed analysis can be made.
2. If you hold your fire or hold fire, you delay attacking or criticizing someone. The administration will hold its fire until it sees the detail of the bill, but is likely then to oppose it. Note: These expressions are also used literally to talk about a situation where soldiers stop shooting, or wait before they start shooting.
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hold your ˈfire

1 delay or stop shooting for a while: Hold your fire! I think they’re going to surrender. OPPOSITE: open fire (on somebody/something)
2 stop attacking somebody: She told the journalists to hold their fire. If they didn’t listen to her, how would they know what she thought?
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References in periodicals archive ?
Despite the authorities' appeal to the public to hold their fire and be creative in using alternative methods of noise-making for the holiday revelries, the Department of Health (DOH) still recorded 23 fireworks-related injuries as of 6 a.
One parent reported that terrorists had run at IDF soldiers with a gun in one hand and a baby in the other, apparently in hopes that the soldiers would see the child and hold their fire.
The ceasefire agreement is thought to be almost identical to that which ended Operation Cast Lead some four years ago: Israel will apparently unilaterally declare an end to the fighting, after which Hamas, other Palestinian factions will hold their fire as well, the Israeli paper added.
British soldiers are under orders to hold their fire, except in self-defence.
Under the terms of the truce agreement, both Israel and insurgents from Islamic Jihad, who were responsible for most of the rocket attacks, had agreed to hold their fire.
We should show our pride in these people - like the Americans do, they hold their fire fighters in high regard.
More importantly this offensive is a test of a bigger strategy, tried in the battle for the town of Musa Qala two years agoe where the Army hold their fire to avoid needless death, and where the object is not to kill the Taliban or take territory but to win over the population.
But the rebels, including Knowsley North's George Howarth, Birkenhead's Frank Field, Walton's Peter Kilfoyle and several other ex-ministers, have decided to hold their fire until the conference is over.
ELLAND firefighters are hoping to raise bucket loads of cash for charity when they hold their fire station car wash.
The child's mother, Lorena Lopez, said she pleaded with officers to hold their fire.
Under the old rules, announced in May, Israeli soldiers were to hold their fire unless their lives were endangered).
official to visit Afghanistan since former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger went there nearly two decades ago, told reporters after meeting Taliban leaders that the the Taliban have agreed to hold negotiations with the rival Afghan opposition April 27 in Islamabad and hold their fire until then.
It will enhance the ability of citizens to hold their fire and rescue service to account.