hold (one's) head (up) high

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hold (one's) head (up) high

To display confidence and pride, especially with one's body language, as a way of showing that one is not ashamed of something. Such behavior often includes literally holding one's head up instead of letting it hang down. I know you're disappointed to have lost, but you should hold your head high—you ran an excellent race.
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hold one's head high

Also, hold one's head up; hold up one's head. Behave proudly; maintain one's dignity. For example, After the bankruptcy Mr. Jones still held his head high, or Grandma told Brian he could hold his head up because he'd tried extremely hard, or After that newspaper article, I'm not sure I'll ever hold up my head again. All these expressions allude to a posture of pride. [Second half of 1500s]
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hold your head (up) high

be confident or unashamed.
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hold your ˈhead up (high)

not feel ashamed, guilty or embarrassed about something: After this scandal, he will never be able to hold his head up high again. OPPOSITE: hang your head (in/for shame)
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References in periodicals archive ?
Bristol City defender Aden Flint said: "We're disappointed to concede so late but we can hold our heads high.
We could not hold on but we could hold our heads high to play like that against a team from a higher league.
We can hold our heads high," Broad said after two losses in three.
It is proof that aside from the well documented problems at home we can hold our heads high on an international stage.
I know B Johnson has his own views and City fans might not even have much to shout about but we can hold our heads high and are true sky blue through and through.
We're obviously disappointed in the final to not get the result but I think we should hold our heads high.
WORTHY Blaydon captain Allan Worthy said: "In the four years we have entered the tournament, we have made it through to Lord's three times and been champions once so we can hold our heads high for what we have achieved.
They were caught in a miserable deception which reflected badly on our national sense of self esteem and I have heard more than one person say they would not mind being a little worse off if we could hold our heads high in the international community.
We want to put in a good performance, and even if we can't win the game, we want to be able to hold our heads high at the end,' he said.
The Lamb manager Kevin Pearson said: "Even if we have to spend our Sundays wallowing in the mud, at least we can hold our heads high in fantastic kit.
But we can hold our heads high because we have earned some respect in the southern hemisphere.
We are very sad now but let''s hold our heads high because I am really proud of what we have achieved," he says.
And we cannot hold our heads high again until we put a stop to it.