hold off doing

hold off from (doing something)

To avoid doing something or wait to do something. Hey, hold off from starting the project until I get these questions answered by the boss.
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hold off (from) doing something

to avoid doing something; to postpone doing something. Can you hold off from buying a new car for another few months? I will hold off firing him until next week.
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I always hold off doing so as long as possible to enjoy the last of my summer flowers.
However, the backward motion of Mercury in Taurus means communications will be confusing, so hold off doing anything in the home zone.
Norma called the company and asked them to hold off doing anything until she had got her bills - but she says they would not listen.
Until we have the proper randomized controlled trials to show that drug treatment will actually improve prognosis, we should hold off doing that," Dr.
Then, again, I could safely hold off doing anything drastic until Monday, when all promises can easily be broken.