hold nose

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hold (one's) nose

1. To pinch one's nose between the thumb and finger, so as to avoiding smelling or tasting something. That kale smoothie you made was so gross that I had to hold my nose to drink it! On trash day in the summertime, you practically have to hold your nose when you go outside.
2. To pinch one's nose between the thumb and finger, so as to keep water from traveling up one's nose. Timmy always holds his nose when he goes swimming.
3. By extension, to do something in spite of its unpleasant or illicit nature. I don't want to get fired, so I guess I'll just have to hold my nose and do what he asks.
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hold one's nose

1. Lit. to use one's fingers to keep one's nose closed to avoid a bad smell or to keep water out. The kid held his nose and jumped off the dock into the lake.
2. Fig. to attempt to ignore something unpleasant, illegal, or "rotten." He hated doing it, but he held his nose and made the announcement everyone dreaded.
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